Robocash Referral

Motivated by the prospect of generating passive income from your savings ?

robocash referral post

Robocash Refer-A-Friend is the platform referral program. It allows me to give other investors bonuses when they sign up with my referral code aeHI (automatically implemented when you click).

I personally consider this platform to be really interesting if you want to invest in crowdlending. Robocash benefits from the guarantee of a major international financial group and offers attractive returns (12% average rate).

By registering with my referral link :

1You receive 1% cash-back (limited to 500€)

flèche Calculated on the funds invested during the first 30 days

2I am giving you the benefit of my Robocash training

flèche It will be sent to you immediately after your registration

3My detailed investment strategy will be sent to you

flèche Together with a screenshot of my portfolio on Robocash

Send your email after registration to receive your bonuses !

In concrete terms, let’s see what it’s all about :

Robocash Bonus #1

Thanks to my referral link, you will automatically receive cash-back of 1% of the amount invested during the 30 days following your registration. This is a bonus that Robocash will pay you up to €500 (see here for conditions). I also get a commission, so we both win.

Robocash Bonus #2

As soon as you are registered, sign up in with the forms on this page, and I will send you the link to my Robocash training. Together, we will take a tour of the platform to understand how it works and analyse its statistics.

We will also see how to create your investment portfolio based on desired liquidity and expected returns as well as what strategy to use when it comes to reinvesting. I capture my screen to show you how it went for me.

Robocash Bonus #3

For each of my crowdlending platforms, I write my entire strategy directly on this blog. It is a secret page that I regularly update according to the evolution of the platform and my analysis.

In particular, I detail the loan originators I choose, the interest rates I target, the desired investment durations and the different options I favour. As soon as you are registered on Robocash, send me your email via the form below.

This way, you will receive my strategy. Moreover, each time I update it I will send you a dedicated email to let you know the modifications made.

If you haven’t already done so, I invite you to have a look at the analysis I made of Robocash and its position in my p2p lending ranking.

And if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask me.