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Peerberry Referral

Motivated by the prospect of generating passive income from your savings ?

peerberry referral post

PeerBerry’s referral program allows its investors to give their friends bonuses when they sign up. And this is what I am about to giver you now.

Indeed, PeerBerry is a wise choice when it comes to investing in crowdlending. It’s a platform that has proven to be solid over time and offers attractive rates (12.04% for me on more than €26K invested).

Edit : PeerBerry is temporarily suspending the 1% cash-back bonus for new investors from 1/10/2021. But the other two bonuses remain in place.

By registering on PeerBerry by following my link :

1You get a welcome bonus of +0.5%

flèche Applied to all your investments for 90 days

2You get my referral, i.e. 1% cash-back

flèche Calculated on funds invested in the first 30 days

3You receive my detailed investment strategy on PeerBerry

flèche This is a hidden page on my blog that is updated regularly

It doesn’t get any easier than this !

Let’s analyse each of these bonuses in detail :

PeerBerry Bonus #1

Take advantage of a bonus interest rate of +0.5% for all investments made within the first 90 days of registration. The offer is valid until 31 December 2022 for all new registrations.

PeerBerry Bonus #2

By going through my referral link, you will automatically receive cashback of 1 to 2% of the amount invested over the first 30 days. This is a bonus from PeerBerry that will be paid to you and to me if the investment is higher than €500 (see here the conditions). Everyone wins.

PeerBerry Bonus #3

For my crowdlending investment platforms, I write down my tracking notes. This is a secret page on my website where I regularly update my investment strategy based on platform developments and my investment context.

I detail the expected interest rates, the companies I am positioning myself with, the loan durations and the types of loans that I consider relevant. Once you have registered on PeerBerry, send me your email via the form below.

This way, not only will you receive my strategy, but each time I update it, I will send an email to this list to let everyone know about the modifications.

And if you ended up here by chance, don’t hesitate to check out the analysis I made of this platform and its rating in my P2P lending platforms ranking.

If you have any questions, please let me know.