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Maclear Referral

P2B lending platform Maclear

Maclear referral

Maclear platform offers the investors the possibility to invest in loans granted to Estonian companies from various sectors : production, retail, services in exchange of returns between 11.9% and 19.5% (before additional bonus) on durations ranging from 2 to 12 months.

Maclear is a Swiss regulated platform that offers a reliable risk management process : AML/AMLA audits, collateral as guarantee, Provision fund and due diligence mechanismes.

In addition to particularly attractive returns and a strong investment security policy, Maclear also benefits from all the experience of the founders in capital investment and financial strategy.

Maclear Referral

By registering on Maclear with our referral link, you receive :

  • 1.5% cashback on all investments you make during the first 90 days after your registration on Maclear platform
  • Additional interest rate between +1% and +3% on top of the standard annual return on investment (temporary bonus)
  • Amount of €30 for each €500 invested e.g. €60 for €1,000 invested, €90 for €1,500 invested, etc. (temporary bonus)


Please note! To benefit from the referral, it’s important to click on the link and register immediately, otherwise the platform may not take your referral into account.

Given the context and considering they are temporary, bonuses can disappear very quickly. Therefore, investors interested by this platform should not wait too long to sign up and take advantage of this Maclear referral.

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