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Motivated by the prospect of generating passive income from your savings ?

lendermarket platform post

The Lendermarket platform is relatively new in the P2P lending landscape. But this P2P site is still very interesting from the point of view of the returns offered. In fact, it is the platform that offers the best investment rates at the moment.

Nevertheless, this platform was not totally unknown to me since Lendermarket is in fact the very recent and official platform of the Creditstar Group which has been active on Mintos for years.

In fact, there are still some Creditstar loans on Mintos but at much lower rates than on Lendermarket and only for long term (whereas Lendermarket offers short term loans).

So rather than fighting on Mintos for the chance to invest in 9% loans, it’s better go to Lendermarket which offers loans up to 16%.

By registering on Lendermarket with my referral link, you receive 1% cashback on the funds invested during the first 60 days and my complete investment strategy.

Lendermarket Bonus

Thanks to my referral link, you will automatically receive a cash-back of 1% of the amount invested during the 60 days following your registration.

This is a bonus that Lendermarket pays you because you are one of my referrals. They don’t offer this bonus on their site. I also get a commission, so we both win.

Why Lendermarket ?

I see Lendermarket as the platform that will boost the global P2P lending investment portfolio with really interesting rates (Just think ! Creditstar doesn’t have to pay Mintos as an intermediary anymore).

In fact, Lendermarket is very similar to a platform like Swaper in terms of returns and secured loans. The differences are relatively minor : Lendermarket is less liquid but more diversified in terms of loans to invest in. Take a look at my P2P ranking.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or need clarification as we are all here to help each other and grow our investment portfolio.