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LANDE Referral

Motivated by the possibility of generating passive income from your savings ?

LANDE is a crowdfunding platform founded in 2019 for companies operating in the agricultural and farming sector. It is possible to invest in projects secured located among 3 European countries (Latvia, Lithuania, Romania).

Investor funding supports the realization of projects from small and medium-sized farmers : Seasonal funding, Machinery loan and Loan for farm development (LANDE has partnered with LemonWay and the money is held at BNP Paribas bank).

The returns offered range from 10% to 13% over periods of 3 months to 60 months, with all projects secured by with land, grain or machinery.

LANDE Referral

The strengths of LANDE are numerous:

  • An average return of 10.9%
  • Invest in sustainable projects
  • Co-funding of 5% in every project
  • Loans backed by assets
  • Secondary market available

By registering on LANDE with our referral link, you receive 1% cashback on all your first investments during the first 30 days after registration.


Please note! To benefit from the referral, it’s important to click on the link and register immediately, otherwise the platform may not take your referral into account.

Given the context, bonuses can disappear very quickly. Therefore, investors interested by this platform should not wait too long to sign up and take advantage of this LANDE referral.

At, we are in the process of writing a detailed analysis of the LANDE platform, but if you’d like to be notified before anyone else, you can sign up for our private mailing list.