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P2P Lending 09/2022 !

Silvere p2p

Chaos !!

I knew that after a lunar month of August at more than €700, September was going to be more complicated, if not downright chaotic in all respects.

As usual, I decided to do everything at once: new relocation, new house, new projects, new collaborations, and new computer equipment. 🤹‍♂️

But then, it’s total chaos !

And it’s mostly a lot of expenses: apartment in Paris, house in Chiang Mai, condo in Bangkok, IT service providers, movers, project-related expenses, etc.

Nuclear bomb

I might as well say that I haven’t made any major investments lately, on the contrary. I had to withdraw some funds from PeerBerry.

As its liquidity is on point ! 💧

Life is thus made of cycles, more or less long, that we either cause or that we undergo. Each of these cycles is composed of a multitude of ups and downs. ☸️

A stock market price in a way…

So knowing what kind of cycle you’re in and at what point in that cycle is important: it’s about timing your life in a certain way.

So, when you are in the change of cycle phase or at the bottom of the wave, there is only one thing to do, in my opinion, and that is to A-CCE-LE-RATE !


But of course, you have to be careful about going off course and properly dosing each acceleration, whether for pro or personal projects. 🏍️

It is therefore important to know how to decelerate and switch to cruising mode when necessary.

For my part, I planned a time of deceleration in the first two weeks of November to accelerate again in the following two weeks.

The goal is to go into cruise mode during December. 🚢

What’s new ?

Not done much on my blog since September was a month when I was relatively busy due to my return to Thailand.

In the near future, I would like to move to a rhythm of 2 productions per month on the blog (analysis, articles, etc.), an ambitious but achievable goal.

Each time, I alert investors who subscribe to my newsletter first. 📫

newsletter just p2p post

Finally, as expected, no new investments in crowdlending recently since my funds are directed to the pro and personal projects I mentioned earlier.

Nevertheless, I try to communicate more about my investment actions via Twitter.

Despite my low activity on Twitter, I see that the community is growing.

We are now 34 !

Welcome to all ! 👌

My portfolio for September 2022

It is slightly down this month due to cash that I had to take out temporarily, which may also be the case in October.

If my expectations are correct, the goal is a return to normal in December with the injection of fresh capital at the beginning and end of the month. 🎅

I am now aiming for €70K at the end of December !

As for the past month, I generated a total of €646, which is an appreciable performance at this time of year.

As usual, here are my dashboards :

Interest earned in September 2022

Total interests earned in September 2022

Evolution of my capital over the last 24 months

Dashboard of my passive income in P2P in September 2022

Evolution of my income in P2P Lending

Total interests earned as passive income in p2p in September 2022

# PeerBerry

In September, investments in PeerBerry remained stable compared to the previous month at just under €45M (-0.8% compared to August).

The strong growth of the loan portfolio offered by PeerBerry is therefore an underlying trend that shows the robustness of its long-term strategy.

No wonder PeerBerry paid us €584,578 this month, which represents a return on investment of 11.09%, to be precise.

ad peerberry referral

Thus, since its launch in 2017, a total of €15.76M has been paid to us for the capital we have lent during these 5 years.

In addition, the portfolio of loans offered for investment on this platform continues to grow, reaching €95M this month.

And the total number of registered investors grew by 1156 new members to exceed the 60,000 mark.

Number of investors and PeerBerry portfolio in September 2022

My PeerBerry account always acts as a bank account; right now, I withdraw when I need to and put it back when I have extra cash.

I invest for 8 days, 14 days, 19 days, or 24 days so that once or twice a week I receive a portion of my capital and the associated interest.

In September, PeerBerry paid me an amount of €124, which is an annualized rate of 12.19%, relatively stable since the platform has slightly lowered its rates.

PeerBerry passive income

PeerBerry passive income earned in September 2022

So, as you can see, I’m not a fan of Hare’s strategy of keeping cash in his current account while waiting for the opportunity of the century.

The turtle strategy is the one that wins every time !

# Robocash

It’s interesting to see how, after more than 6 months of Russian-Ukrainian conflict and unrestricted access to information, professional irritated people proudly announce to me:

Robocash is Russian ! ” 😱 🇷🇺

Well, no.

The Robocash Group is based in Singapore, the international financial hub that has just supplanted Hong Kong as the leading financial center in Asia.


So why this nonsense ?

Because it seems to me, the founder of the group, Sergey Sedov, is… Russian.

And there you are  !

As a consequence, Lending Club, a pioneering crowdlending company based in San Francisco and listed on Wall Street since 2014, is, therefore… French.

Well, yes !

Its founder, Renaud Laplanche, is French.

Instead of trying to understand international finance, some people should rather leave the money that Grandma gave them at Christmas on their savings account.

ad robocash referral

Robocash slowed down a bit in terms of funded volume in September, as only €14M was raised this month. On the other hand, the interest paid to investors is at full speed :

We received €600K this month !

The number of new investors has also decreased a bit (because Robocash is certainly Russian…).

But there is a good thing about this slowdown: we won’t have any more cash-drag on Robocash because of too many investors.

Statistics of Robocash in August 2022

Little by little, I’m approaching the €40K mark invested in Robocash, which is a nice sum. Moreover, this amount is now climbing almost every day without me having to lift a finger.

I prefer to make my index finger work: it clicks on the mouse and brings in the agent thanks to my activities as a web entrepreneur.

This month, Robocash paid me a little more than €443, immediately reinvested, thanks to the self-investment function, at a rate of 14% over 2 years.

Robocash passive income

Robocash passive income earned in September 2022

Finally, the Robocash group is on track to break its revenue record set in 2021, with a 53.1% increase to $214.2M in the first half of 2022.

Great prospects then !

# Lendermarket

Recently, I had the pleasure of answering the request of Lendermarket for a small interview of about ten questions on various themes.

This way, I can showcase my work on my blog, which is both rewarding and motivating for the future.

You can find this interview on the Lendermarket blog and give it a thumbs up.

Interview of Silvère on Lendermarket stars

Other small collaborations are being discussed with this platform, which is relatively dynamic in terms of communication.

It is one of the few platforms that highlight its investors and tries to connect with bloggers who invest through them.

What is appreciable !

And as a reminder, first-time investors have always entitled to 1% cashback on their investments as well as my free investment strategy.

ad lendermarket referral

In September, I finally implemented my self-investment strategies (for the first few months, I preferred to operate manually).

Therefore, I have particularly invested in Denmark but also a little in the Czech Republic and Sweden for periods ranging from 6 months to 2 years.

As a result, Lendermarket brought me a little more than €54 in September, which is a little lower than last month.

Lendermarket passive income

Lendermarket passive income earned in September 2022

One last word : Lendermarket should make a pretty cool announcement soon, which I should be the first to know about and which I will communicate on my mailing list and on Twitter in priority.

# Esketit

From month to month, Esketit is performing better and better. With €12.5M in investments in September, the platform broke its previous record !

With this growth, Esketit will be on par with Robocash in terms of funded volumes by the end of the year and may even be on top by 2023.

Esketit has already surpassed its investor growth with 800 new members in September.

ad esketit referral

And this growth is not about to stop as the (not so) small Esketit platform diversifies geographically.

Esketit now offers to invest in loans in Poland through the Creamfinance Group’s subsidiaries located in that country.

The proposed rate of return is 12%, a respectable level but below what Lendermarket and Swaper offer (15%).

So it’s hard to rush into it if you’re a multi-platform investor like me.

Esketit Poland

But, still, with a view to diversification, I am thinking of positioning a small part of my capital there soon.

This will allow me to balance my high Jordan exposure (14% yield).

In the meantime, Esketit has paid me a little more than €9, an upward trend that is confirmed month after month, and that’s good.

Esketit passive income

Esketit passive income earned in September 2022

All this makes me think that I need to update my analysis of Esketit to take into account these new Polish loan companies.

# Swaper

On the Swaper platform, I am neither for nor against it (quite the contrary). And it’s been going on for a long time !

I understood that the platform would tell us about alternative investments when they had cash-drag (real estate, cryptos, etc).

But why talk to us about investing in start-ups when I haven’t had any cash-drag for weeks? What does this have to do with crowdlending? Why are we still talking about other asset classes?

ad swaper referral

Indeed, Swaper is following a good trend at the moment, with €7.6M of loans funded on the platform in September.

So it’s positive !

Despite the fact that their community manager doesn’t just drink milk for breakfast !

In her latest article on the best asset classes to protect against inflation, she talks about real estate, commodities, stocks, bonds, ETFs, gold, and …. well, no, that’s all.

As a reminder, you work for a CROWDLENDING platform !

Now I know what it feels like to laugh nervously and cry with spite at the same time.


How do you say Prozac in Thai ?

This month, I earned a little more than €5 on Swaper, which is a rate of 14.88%.

A little month, which should be counterbalanced in October.

Swaper passive income

Swaper passive income earned in September 2022

In 2023, I expect to decide the future of this platform in my P2P portfolio by rolling the dice.

# Mintos

Most of my past investments are now sold on Mintos as I only have 4 active ones left (Creditstar, IDF Eurasia).

I am thinking of stopping my reporting on Mintos next month in view of its very low future performance.

In September, I received a total of €0.69 in interest, which is strangely my highest return since last April.

Mintos passive income

Mintos passive income earned in September 2022

Mintos, everyone will have understood, I am against it !

# Iuvo Group

As mentioned last month, I am gradually reducing my positions on the Iuvo Group platform as I do not see a clear signal that they are willing to change.

If despite everything, Iuvo is a rather interesting platform, the European competition is too high for it at this stage.

And their communication is unprofessional, which automatically leads to mistrust. It is all the more unfortunate that it is rather simple to identify their points of improvement.

Iuvo ad

In fact, I am gradually withdrawing my capital to redirect it to Esketit, which is much better structured and dynamic to meet my diversification objective.

I’m thinking of taking stock of this platform in 2023 to see if I change my mind or if I definitely liquidate my positions, which is also a possibility.

In September, I received a little more than €10 from them, which is about what I had anticipated given the reduction of my capital with them.

Iuvo passive income

Iuvo passive income earned in September 2022

As with every monthly report, you can tell me your questions in the comments, which are always welcome and which I will try to answer as best I can 👇

And as a reminder, I am not a financial advisor but a private investor who shares his experience.

Good luck and strength to you.

Peace !


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