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Passive income monthly reporting


After a slow September with €646 of passive income, I was looking forward to October which should mark the end of a period of deficit (anticipated and necessary).

Whether it’s spending or investing, all these cash outflows serve only one purpose: my 10-year strategy.

It is this vision of me in 2030 that I turn to whenever I have critical decisions to make in the short and medium term. 🎯

An investor without a long-term strategy is like a ship captain without a sextant ⛵, like an airplane pilot without a compass 🧭, like a chess player without an action plan ♟️.

Investment strategy

Not projecting into the future means that there is no desire to change one’s situation, status, and therefore one’s financial assets.

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

Albert Einstein

You would have to be crazy to believe that without change, without some risk-taking in your life, you could evolve toward a better version of yourself.

This is why, in the long run, I welcome risk with a certain amount of greed, because it is synonymous with evolution.

Investors categories

If successful, I will optimize my business processes, increase the value of my assets, improve my physical condition, or gain more comfort in my daily life.

If I fail, I gain new knowledge thanks to this experience that will allow me to be more seasoned in the future.

Either way, I win.

At least that’s how I see it; otherwise, I would go as crazy as Albert. 🤪

My portfolio for October 2022

As announced last month, I again made some cash withdrawals to buffer the large outflows I had to deal with.

But as of November, I will have a return to normal and a significant acceleration of inflows, which will allow me to go for my revised goal of €70K at the end of December. 🎅

The month of October was synonymous with a rise in my passive income from crowdlending, with a total amount of €685 generated this month.

As usual, here are my dashboards :

Interest earned in October 2022

Total interests earned in October 2022

Evolution of my capital over the last 24 months

Dashboard of my passive income in P2P in October 2022

Evolution of my income in P2P Lending

Total interests earned as passive income in p2p in October 2022

# PeerBerry

The PeerBerry platform celebrated its fifth anniversary in October, and it is now Europe’s second-largest crowdlending marketplace.

To date, PeerBerry has funded €1.4 billion in investments and paid out €16.3 million to its members.

In 2023, my goal is to reinvest heavily in this platform, in which I have had complete faith for a long time.

ad peerberry referral

It is now the beginning of its 6th year of activity, during which beautiful projects will be launched (more info in the next few weeks).

PeerBerry’s figures for October are quite impressive: €46.5 million of loans funded, 1140 new members, and €622 thousand paid out to investors.

On my side, I received an amount of €117 this month, which is a very appreciable rate of 12.17% for very short-term investments.

PeerBerry passive income

PeerBerry passive income earned in October 2022

My long-term goal on this platform is to invest €40K in order to use the loyalty program and earn +1% on each investment.

Regardless of the amount invested, it should be everyone’s goal to earn additional income.

# Robocash

This month, Robocash has integrated a new company focused on loans to individuals in the Philippines, part of the group.

Digido offers to invest in loans with a maximum duration of 183 days and an amount not exceeding €435 for a yield between 8% and 12% annualized.

An interesting investment opportunity for investors looking for a short-term horizon of fewer than 6 months.

Robocash Digido

As far as my portfolio is concerned, it is progressing well, and I will soon reach two important milestones in its evolution :

  1. €40K of invested capital 💰
  2. €5000 of interests received 💶

This platform, according to another investor, “runs like clockwork.” It is never a hassle, and deposits and withdrawals are fast.

ad robocash referral

After a small dip in monthly investment volume in September, the little robot platform is back on track.

In total, the 28,000 registered investors invested €15M and received €653K in interest paid on the previously invested capital.

October is in line with the trend observed in 2022.

Robocash statistics October 2022

On my side, this month I got my highest return in absolute value since I started on Robocash exactly 16 months ago.

At the rate of my current progress, I hope to reach very soon the symbolic level of €500 per month on this investment platform.

This will be a very nice intermediate step before reaching my 2023 goal of €50K placed on Robocash.

This month, Robocash paid me a little more than €487, which is to say an annualized rate that now reaches 12.84% and should continue to tend toward 14% with time.

Robocash passive income

Robocash passive income earned in October 2022

Still my best platform so far !

# Lendermarket

The main Group operating on Lendermarket, Creditstar, has just published its financial report for the 3rd quarter of 2022.

Their activities are at their highest level in 10 years, as the profit realized until September, €5.9M, is already higher than their previous annual record.

Creditstar should therefore exceed €7M net profit this year, which bodes well for their future growth.

Moreover, the group will issue corporate bonds in December at annualized rates of 12.5% (for 18 months) and 13.5% (for 36 months).

ad lendermarket referral

Since I implemented my self-investment portfolios, the platform is humming along and doesn’t require my intervention at all. The way I set them up has resulted in a significant increase in my earnings.

On a platform like Lendermarket, which returns a portion of the capital along with the interest, self-investment is critical to remaining silent and optimizing returns.

For the past month, Lendermarket has paid me a total of almost €63. I think I’ll stay above €60 monthly income for several months, which is good news !

Lendermarket passive income

Lendermarket passive income earned in October 2022

And if you missed the news last month, don’t hesitate to check out my interview on the Lendermarket blog.

# Esketit

It’s now very clear: Esketit has decided to climb to the top of the crowdlending platforms in Europe much faster than expected.

Esketit even surpassed Robocash in terms of investments, with €16.6M funded in October, constituting a new record for this platform.

That is a total of €111M to date !

In addition, 1030 new investors joined the platform this month. And Esketit has paid us €216K in interest.

ad esketit referral

I am very happy with Esketit where I have only a limited capital of €1000 for the moment but which increases regularly each month.

But I will most certainly double my funds in the next couple of weeks to quickly reach €2000.

With the objective of quickly reaching €5000 and why not more !

In October, Esketit paid me a little more than €9, that is to say, a rate of 14.9%, which should soon bring me to pass the €10 mark.

Esketit passive income

Esketit passive income earned in October 2022

Finally, note that I recently updated my analysis of Esketit to include their new Polish lending companies.

# Swaper

In October, I was pleased to see that the Swaper platform had finally released its annual financial report for 2021.

This allowed me to take stock of this platform in my portfolio, particularly in terms of its resistance to the COVID crisis of 2020.

And I must admit I was quite pleasantly surprised by its recent evolution, by the data presented, by its resource management policy, and of course by its profit.

Swaper annual report 2021

Over the course of 2021, the number of investors reached 5045, which is still quite small considering the numbers of other fast-growing platforms.

A total of €1.27 million was paid to investors in 2021. That is a total of €4.11 million received since its inception in 2017 (5 years !).

In terms of financial volumes, I have seen a nice progression compared to 2020 with €77.5M of investments, bringing the total volume funded on the platform to €266.7M since its inception.

ad swaper referral

More globally, Swaper has been able to reduce its overall expenses and improve its net profit margin from €89K in 2010 to €115K in 2021.

A nice increase of almost 30% in 2021 !

These figures show good financial health despite its greater generosity with investors and the increase of 2% on the proposed returns from 2020 (14%–16%).

For my part, this month, Swaper made me earn a very small €1 and some dust, so I was relatively disappointed, but it bodes well for a bullish November.

Swaper passive income

Swaper passive income earned in October 2022

The main weakness of Swaper is that the volume of investments offered each month is still too low to meet the demand of investors.

Hence the recurring cash-drag situations (which have tended to calm down in recent months, however).

But in 2023, Swaper is expected to offer investments in countries other than Poland and Spain, including Romania.

# Mintos

Little evolution on the side of Mintos, where, as of last month, I still have 4 active investments (Creditstar, IDF Eurasia).

From now on, the interest generated should decrease rapidly. And in any case, I will never again invest on this platform, which is evolving in a way that I do not appreciate as an investor.

In October, I received a total of €0.31 of interest, which is a level that marks the beginning of the decrease towards 0, Hallelujah.

Mintos passive income

Mintos passive income earned in October 2022

Can’t wait for the full release !

# Iuvo Group

As in previous months, I continue to reallocate my funds on this platform from Iuvo Group to Esketit as I can’t find any loans offering returns above 11%.

I am not saying that Iuvo is not a good platform; it is secure and backed by a very reliable group, but the returns I am aiming for are higher given my dynamic investor profile.

Recently, the platform announced that it would relocate to Bulgaria, where the parent company is located, which marks a desire to regain control. However, I find that this slows down the long-awaited evolutions.

Iuvo ad

As a result, I only make two withdrawals per month and no more because Iuvo charges us for them on the third (I don’t want to multiply them).

I wish I had more to say about this platform, but I’m disappointed with its evolution because, since I’ve been investing in it, I haven’t seen any, to tell the truth.

In October, I received a little more than €7 from Iuvo, a relatively normal level considering the decrease of my capital with them.

Iuvo passive income

Iuvo passive income earned in October 2022

Like every month, feel free to ask your questions or put some encouragement in the comments below 👇

And remember, I’m not a financial advisor; I’m just a private investor who blogs about his investment journey.

Good luck and strength to you.

Peace !


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