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P2P Lending 11/2022 !

Passive income monthly reporting

El Diablo !

As expected, the pivotal period represented by October gave way to a warming up of the engines in November (before restarting in December).

These transition periods are as strategic for my activities and investments as they are nerve-wracking. 😅

Damn, it’s hard to be an investor !

You have to be in high spirits to deal with bear markets, screwed-up listed companies, the latest crypto craze, finely marketed scams, Indonesian robot traders, weed crowdfunding platforms, expat MLM, etc…

Not to mention the low quality of information and debate on social networks or the family misunderstandings about our investor activities that often occur during this Christmas season.🎄

Santa Claus is an investor

But that’s normal when you’re an investor. So it’s up to everyone to focus on what’s important :

  1. To observe the international economic environment without passion or compassion,
  2. Analyze the technical, operational, and financial capacity of the companies we invest in,
  3. Detect and seize new investment opportunities that arise.

As far as I am concerned, I intend to leave my comfort zone in 2023 by multiplying the asset classes in my portfolio.

The idea is to diversify on a large scale in non-correlated assets while avoiding the usual cognitive biases, so I make factual analyses devoid of sentimentality.

Investors cognitive biases

The year 2023, prepared in 2022, will allow me to invest significant money. Thanks to this, I will vigorously develop my monthly passive income. I think I will pass the €1000 / month mark in April, which will be a decisive step in my journey. 🔥

But far from resting on my laurels, I am currently preparing for 2024, the year in which I want to go into real estate in Thailand.

The problem with investing is that once you get a taste for it, it’s more addictive than a drug. 🤑

My portfolio for November 2022

So this is the month of the reboot for my portfolio, which has regained consistency by settling at just under €65K, my highest level reached to date. 🚀

The growth should continue in December and then accelerate in 2023, knowing that I plan to invest in other asset classes I will share on my blog.

This month, I was surprised by an atypical number (even more so if you are superstitious) since the Devil’s number appeared : €666 generated. 😈

As usual, here are my dashboards :

Interest earned in November 2022

Total interests earned in November 2022

Evolution of my capital over the last 24 months

Dashboard of my passive income in P2P in November 2022

Evolution of my income in P2P Lending

Total interests earned as passive income in p2p in November 2022

# PeerBerry

Recently, the PeerBerry team has been particularly active as two new lending companies have joined the platform, increasing the volume of investments offered.

The microfinance company A Credit, a subsidiary of the Aventus Group, has operated in Kazakhstan since early 2022. It is proposed to invest in short-term loans (< 30 days) at an annualized rate of 11.5%.

FinTech company CayDenThan VN, a joint venture between Aventus and Gofingo groups, offers to invest in the Vietnamese market at 12%. Founded in 2018, it’s a bit of a twin sister to Senmo VN, which I’ve already been investing in for over a year.

ad peerberry referral

In November, PeerBerry members invested a total of €47.6M and received €648,080 in interest payments for the capital invested.

The return on investment (excluding the loyalty program) on this platform was 11.1% for the past month.

On my side, I am above average, with an annualized rate of 12.14%, which allowed me to earn a total of €134 this month.

PeerBerry passive income (€)

PeerBerry passive income earned in November 2022

At the end of 2022, the pace of investment on PeerBerry is now €2M per business day, a more than encouraging amount for 2023.

# Robocash

Given the good financial health of the Robocash group and the growing interest of European investors, the platform has recently made some adjustments to the rates offered.

As of December 21, Robocash has lowered the rates by 1% for investments between 3 months and 2 years.

As investors, it’s a shame to earn less, but it’s a reliable indicator of the group’s robustness and its ability to adapt to the economic context.

ad robocash referral

It’s quite simple; all their figures are up compared to October. For the first time, Robocash has even crossed the €20M mark in monthly investments.

The platform also surpassed PeerBerry this month by paying out more than €657K in interest to its investors. A growing success that inevitably attracts new members (almost 700 in November).

With these numbers, it looks like Robocash has decided to end 2022 on a high note.

Robocash statistics November 2022

As for me, my experience with them is still top-notch, with a fully automated investment portfolio that purrs like a big cat. 😺

I passed two important milestones on Robocash this month.

  1. €4K of invested capital 💰
  2. €500 of interest received 💶

In November, Robocash paid me a little less than €454, an annualized rate that reaches 12.85% and continues to trend towards 14% over time.

Robocash passive income (€)

Robocash passive income earned in November 2022

Still my most important platform today !

# Lendermarket

There is no doubt that the Lendermarket platform remains one of the best in Europe despite the growing crisis that the Creditstar group is experiencing.

In the first nine months of 2022, Creditstar has achieved a net profit of €6.8M, which is already much more than in the 12 months of 2021 (€5.4M).

The Creditstar group must simply be less ambitious than its current growth would legitimately allow in regular times (excluding the Ukrainian conflict and market fever).

ad lendermarket referral

On my side, I keep my investment in Lendermarket at its current level and let the interest generated each week grow my capital.

My priority is to increase my PeerBerry and Esketit portfolios over the end of this year and the first quarter of 2023. I will see in the second half of the year if I grow Lendermarket.

In November, Lendermarket performed well with an annualized return of 14.11% and an interest payment of almost €55.

Lendermarket passive income (€)

Lendermarket passive income earned in November 2022

Of you haven’t already done so, you can look at the interview I gave to Lendermarket a few weeks ago.

# Esketit

Of all the European investors I’ve been talking to lately, one platform keeps popping up in their portfolio : this is Esketit.

No wonder this platform reached the 4th position in my ranking quickly after I included it.

Moreover, Esketit continues to expand, as it now offers loans in Jordan for up to one year at an annualized rate of 12%.

ad esketit referral

The Esketit platform also continues to offer 14% investment on short-term loans in Jordan, but these have been scarce lately.

It is therefore quite possible that, in addition to diversifying geographically my investments on this platform, I will most certainly integrate some loans for a period of 6 months to one year.

In November, the interest generated on Esketit is still increasing, with a rate of 14.91% and almost €10 generated.

Esketit passive income (€)

Esketit passive income earned in November 2022

As I write this monthly report, I have already increased my capital to €5K, which means that a nice increase should take place at the end of January.

# Swaper

A few days ago, I met a very well-known investor in the European crowdlending world, which was an opportunity for us to exchange our respective views and experiences.

And concerning Swaper, we came to the same conclusion : yes, their communication is deplorable, but the platform has never failed and has always paid on time.

In addition, I have regular exchanges with the CEO of Wandoo Finance Group, whom I do not spare but who always brings constructive answers to my questions.

ad swaper referral

As a result, unless there is a significant change, I plan to increase the capital invested in Swaper to €5K in the second quarter of 2023 (compared to a little over €500 today).

The amount of this capital is not chosen at random since it is the one that will give me access to the subsidized rate of 16%.

As expected, Swaper has made up for the low level of October by paying me a little more than €6, knowing that I expect an even higher amount in December.

Swaper passive income (€)

Swaper passive income earned in November 2022

Note that a new loan originator has appeared on Swaper : One Leasing, for which I plan to make an analysis and share it on my private mailing list for Swaper.

# Mintos

This is the very last month I plan to communicate on Mintos since I have almost no active investments left.

So this is the end of my adventure with this platform, which, despite the fact that I had default payments, made me money.

I’ll post a summary of the main figures to remember from this experience next month (um… actually, in a few days).

For November, I got a masterful €0,72 of interest.

Mintos passive income (€)

Mintos passive income earned in November 2022

Goodbye Mintos !

# Iuvo Group

I’m not changing my strategy as I’m transferring my capital from Iuvo to other platforms (this month PeerBerry) as I can’t find loans with good returns.

As explained last month, it is not to say that it is a lousy platform since it is secure and backed by a professional group, but I am used to having returns at least above 11%.

Despite the new management coming in June 2022, I don’t see any change at any level. That’s why I decided to leave this crowdlending platform.

In November, it’s logical that the interest continues to fall since I received a little more than €6 from Iuvo.

Iuvo passive income (€)

Iuvo passive income earned in November 2022

As always, you can comment and ask your questions below, or even encourage me if this work helps you too 👇

As usual, I am not a financial advisor, but only a private investor who explains his investment journey.

Good luck and strength to you !

Peace !


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