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P2P Lending 05/2022

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The Triplet !

After the confirmation of April, it’s a real boost that my P2P lending portfolio has experienced this month. I can feel an acceleration in the last few weeks which is very pleasing and which should continue in the coming months.

What has happened ?

A triple, a perfect combo, a conjunction of good news, all in the month of May, which officially becomes my favorite month of the year !

First, I passed the €60,000 mark in P2P lending investments, which is one step closer to my goal of €100K in early 2023 😉

beach pontoon

Secondly, I generated for the first time more than €600 of totally passive income in P2P lending. So much sooner than I had anticipated.

I think I’ll go back under €600 next month but the trend is definitely interesting to watch and should continue in the coming weeks.

Third, I passed the symbolic milestone of €10,000 generated in P2P lending. Moving into the 5-figure category in this way is exciting for the future, to say the least. 💰

compound interests

Beyond the figure of €10,000 earned in P2P lending, I would like to highlight what seems to me to be the most important in the end.

From now on, the interest on my interest will generate €100 for me every month in a passive way.

The interest I’ve earned (€10K) generates interest (~1%) every month, which in turn will generate interest later on (#CompoundInterest).

What’s new ?

The most recent news is the in-depth analysis I conducted on the Esketit platform, on which I started investing just a month ago now.

esketit analysis post

I’m also working on a brand new project that is taking up my time these days but will benefit the investment community, I’m sure.

I’d rather not say more about this project at this point but I hope to release it in July with a lot of added value.

You know me, when I do something, I try to do it as well as possible !

Of course, the subscribers to my newsletter will be informed first.

newsletter just p2p post

And as usual, I post regularly on my Twitter account where some people have joined us since my last stats. 😻

Welcome to all !

My portfolio for May 2022

In May, I funded three of my platforms for different reasons for each of them.

PeerBerry first, with €1300 injected since it is the platform that serves as my “bank account”. As I have upcoming projects that will require cash, I am now prioritizing PeerBerry because my funds are available very quickly if needed.

Robocash of course with a little less than €1000 because, as I said before, it is my “safe”. Not a month goes by without me investing with the objective of reaching €50K and benefiting from the last level of the loyalty program (+1.3%).

robocash referral post

And finally on Esketit, where I’m starting slowly with €400 placed for the moment.

In the month of May, I generated almost €625, again well above my goal.

I think I’ll be yo-yoing above and below the €600 mark during the summer, which is quite normal, especially since I’ll be slowing down the pace of deposits on my P2P lending account during the next few months.

As usual, here are my dashboards :

Interest earned in May 2022

total interests may 2022

Evolution of my capital over the last 18 months

dashboard passive income p2p may 2022

Evolution of my income in P2P Lending

total interests passive income p2p may 2022

# PeerBerry

In May, PeerBerry managed to surprise me again (positively of course) by showing 1124 new investors and €38M of new funded loans (16% increase).

The platform also paid €492K to investors who are members (+9.2% compared to April).

Not to mention that the rates offered are really attractive. I personally invest at 13% per year, or even 13.5%. This brings my annualized rate to 14%.

ad peerberry referral

I therefore continue to strengthen my positions on PeerBerry with €15K invested soon, capital that has the particularity of being very liquid.

I can therefore mobilize my assets of several thousand euros located on PeerBerry in a very short time in the event that I need them.

If an investor asked me where to put his money for a few days or weeks, I would direct him to PeerBerry without hesitation.

ad peerberry strategy

I had another great (and therefore much appreciated!) month of passive income.

In May, PeerBerry brought me a total of €124, which is an annualized rate of 12.20%.

PeerBerry passive income

peerberry passive income may 2022

I think that PeerBerry will become the leader of P2P lending in Europe ahead of Mintos. The volume of loans placed online each month is no longer comparable to the former leader of the sector.

# Robocash

Regarding Robocash, I’ll keep it short this month as I already mentioned its strong growth in my last monthly statistics article (€30M of profits in 2021).

The fact that the group has already published its financial report is a serious sign of professionalism that many should follow.

That’s why I’ve strengthened my portfolio once again, now reaching €37K invested.

On the way to €40K !

ad robocash referral

I’m still quite surprised that the little robot’s platform is still quite unknown to beginners compared to Mintos or PeerBerry.

A lot of people who know nothing about P2P lending are still stuck on the idea of investing on Mintos and are literally afraid to go to other platforms.

However, you can imagine that it is exactly the opposite that should be done….

ad robocash strategy

May has been a particularly active month for Robocash, with the figures showing a slight increase compared to April.

In May, Robocash listed a total of €15.7M in new loans and paid €542,000 in interest to its members. Moreover, 523 new investors have joined us.

And for your information, more and more of you are investing on Robocash after having followed my training.

statistics robocash may 2022

For me, it’s a very good month on Robocash since my monthly income curve is still on the rise.

This month, Robocash paid me more than €433, which represents an annualized return of 12.51%.

I think I’m now well above the €400 threshold of passive income each month. 🤑

Robocash passive income

robocash passive income may 2022

The day the Robocash group realizes its IPO (initial public offering), no doubt I will also be part of the adventure.

# Lendermarket

The Lendermarket platform keeps a central place in my portfolio with now more than €5000 now invested.

Regularly, I receive a part of my capital and the interests generated, which I reinvest immediately at one or two years on loans at 15% minimum.

ad lendermarket referral

For the moment, I’m not investing more but I keep my goal of climbing to €10K by the end of the year.

I also expect Lendermarket to grow in 2023 with the planned introduction of a secondary market.

There is no doubt that many new investors will arrive and perhaps lower the rates offered (which are rising for some to 16%).

lendermarket bonus special may 2022 post

As expected last month, my profit curve has stabilized above €50 and will now continue on this trajectory.

By the end of the year, I will have generated about €500 in interest.

To which I will add €4500 to reach my goal of €10K. And next year, Lendermarket will bring me €100 every month, which is at least €1200 per year.

In the meantime, Lendermarket still brought me about €54 this month.

Lendermarket passive income

lendermarket passive income may 2022

# Swaper

After having increased my capital invested on the Swaper platform, I have to admit that I went backwards.

Cash-drag of 20% during several days in a row, which is just crazy considering that I had only €1000 invested.

Contact with their support…

Same answer as usual (actually for 2 years) : We are working hard to integrate new loan companies.

Something that has never happened since the beginning of Swaper 6 years ago now…

ad swaper referral

And because I was impatient with the cash-drag I saw, I ended up withdrawing 50% of my funds since I don’t have the same patience for Swaper as I used to.

For a simple reason.

Their unique rate at 14% (+2% if €5K invested) was well above the market average before.

This is no longer the case at all as I invest at 14% on Robocash, PeerBerry and Lendermarket !

ad swaper strategy

So, for the moment, I put on hold any new capital contribution on Swaper with the idea of returning there at the end of the year to inject €5000 as a test over 6 months.

I will then benefit from a subsidized rate at 16%, so in fact certainly 15%.

The teams at Swaper are in complete lethargy !

In the meantime, for May, Swaper paid me a little less than €3, which is relatively low but which also augurs a higher amount next month.

Swaper passive income

swaper passive income may 2022

I sincerely think there is a problem with the management of Swaper and Wandoo Finance Group.

It’s not right that ALL the other platforms are integrating new lending companies … except Swaper.

# Mintos

Slowly but surely, I am emptying my investment account on Mintos, so that today I have only 37 active investments.

This month I received a total of €0.51 in interest.

Mintos passive income

mintos passive income may 2022

Can’t wait for the full outflow !

# Iuvo Group

Same situation as last month on the Iuvo platform where my euro investments are humming while I am still waiting for positive news from Kviku for my ruble investments.

Iuvo is a platform that has a loyal following in Europe but is still marginal in the P2P lending world.

This is understandable from the point of view of investors, especially beginners !


Being able to compare the platforms against each other, I think the problem comes from both its management of the lending companies and its communication.

Iuvo makes a mistake by having a differentiated communication for each loan company instead of having a unified policy. As a result, it is easy to get lost in all the promotions offered.

In addition, there are Kafkaesque participation terms and conditions, with endless extensions of the participation periods. And with which you have to combine the advantages of the Silver and Gold Clubs.

I think that the management of Iuvo has still not understood that investors are looking for PASSIVE investments.

In May, Iuvo generated an income for me (down from last month) of just under €10, or 10.98% annualized.

Iuvo passive income

iuvo passive income may 2022

# Esketit

First reporting for me on the Esketit platform in this month of May. But I won’t go into detail since this is only the beginning and I delivered my full analysis of this platform recently.

In the month of May, I earned a very small €0.24 but this is only the beginning of the adventure with Esketit.

Hopefully my stats (sent early this time !) will help you make up your mind about where to invest according to your own asset management criteria.

Remember that I am NOT a financial advisor, but a private investor.

Good luck and strength to you.

Peace !


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