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P2P Lending 03/2022

Silvere p2p

And that’s two !

After reaching the €50,000 mark in capital invested in P2P Lending in February, it seems that I have now reached my goal of €500 generated monthly with two months to spare. It remains to be seen whether this figure will remain at this level.

Honestly, there is a good chance !

Why ?

Because I spend my free time developing, consolidating, sustaining and empowering my various P2P Lending portfolios.

I’m building a system that allows me to make money wherever I am in the world and whatever I do all day. And if I need information or want to make an investment, I reach for my smartphone.

passive investor on the beach

My goal is to be at ease, to have my capital grow by itself without having to worry about it.

I am looking to set up a task force to fight inflation for me at any time.

I still see too many investors who arrive on a platform and have no patience. You have to take the time to understand a P2P marketplace, calibrate it to your objectives and let it work.

No one becomes a fully independent investor in one month…

What’s new ?

Despite the short time I have had to work on the blog, I have made progress on the ranking with now 15 platforms analysed according to 5 criteria: return, security, solidity, liquidity and diversification.

I sincerely hope you enjoy the work !

crowdlending platforms ranking 2022

Next objective: 20 platforms scrutinised to make the most suitable investment choices for each.

But March was also the occasion for me to inject fresh capital, a little over €4000, mainly on Lendermarket.

I wanted to reach €5,000 on this platform and it’s done.

ad lendermarket referral

I have also spent time over the last few days redirecting some of my investments to 14% rates over one to two year terms.

In this respect, I communicate more and more via my Twitter account about the actions I take and the good deals I spot.

Don’t hesitate to come and have a look !

Thanks to the investors who have joined us since my last stats.

My portfolio for March 2022

This month, I have been feeding some of my platforms with relatively substantial contributions.

On Lendermarket where I injected €3000 in order to reach the €5000 targeted when I registered on this platform. I invested it in short term loans at 15% for the most part, knowing that the medium term rates were still at 12% and therefore interesting.

On Robocash, as usual, with a contribution of €1200 fully invested on two-year loans at a rate of 14%. This is an exceptional rate for a platform of this quality and guarantees me a comfortable monthly income.

robocash referral spring 2022

On Swaper, where I simply reallocated my PeerBerry profits for an amount of €120. I remain at Silver status on PeerBerry but I plan to redirect my profits to other platforms.

As of march 2022, I have generated almost €528, well above my initial target of €475.

I’m waiting to see what happens in march and april, but it looks like I’m now sustainably positioned above €500 per month.

As usual, here are my dashboards :

Interest earned in March 2022

total interests march 2022

Evolution of my capital over the last 18 months

dashboard passive income p2p march 2022

Evolution of my income in P2P Lending

total interests passive income p2p march 2022

# PeerBerry

In march, following the war between Russia and Ukraine, PeerBerry demonstrated the professionalism of its teams, the responsiveness of its organisation and, of course, its constant attention to investor protection.

Indeed, as early as 9 March, the CEO of the Aventus group spoke on the PeerBerry blog, reporting on the situation and explaining his strategy for the months to come.

andrejus trofimovas

On 15 March, PeerBerry and its partners explained the measures taken to ensure payments of Russian and Ukrainian investments to investors. In addition, an independent Supervisory Board of investors was established.

Of course, PeerBerry has stopped offering loans from these two countries and their partners are now using their reserves in Europe to maintain the flow of payments.

In any case, these events are a very good test to see how PeerBerry will manage this situation in order to keep a 0% default rate.

ad peerberry referral

Although I have little exposure to Russia (€600) and none at all to Ukraine, I can only applaud all the actions taken by PeerBerry and the lending companies to secure our interests.

This is despite the fact that a war is considered a case of force majeure and the buyback guarantee does not cover this type of situation (as is the case for all other platforms).

In this case, the group guarantee has played its role, even though it was criticised by many a few months ago.

And for your information, PeerBerry has already started making payments as of 6 April.

ad peerberry strategy

It is clear that PeerBerry has my full confidence knowing that my €10,000 investment continues to generate interest every month in a very regular and normal way.

For march, PeerBerry paid me €75, which is an annual rate of 12.03%.

PeerBerry passive income

peerberry passive income march 2022

I remain vigilant for the future but I can already see that things are moving in the right direction.

# Robocash

Robocash delighted investors this month by raising interest rates. In doing so, they simply followed the trend set by the US Federal Reserve.

It’s really nice to see my investments return 14% per year on a platform as secure as Robocash.

Just a reminder : The Robocash consortium is an international group with its headquarters in Singapore. Our investments are transferred to the platform bank in Riga, Latvia, and then to our chosen loan originator.

Clearly, there are no flows through Ukraine or Russia, which is why everything is so fluid on Robocash despite the context at the European borders.

ad robocash referral

We can observe a continuity of the volume of loans offered for investment compared to the last month, i.e. €15M. On the other hand, the interests paid to investors are increasing.

Robocash paid out a total of €489,000 in March to the platform’s investors, which represents almost €16,000 every day.

There is also a further slowdown in the number of new investors as “only” 417 people joined Robocash last month (the war effect and the legitimate but irrational fear of it).

statistics robocash march 2022

Robocash has further improved its rating in my P2P ranking with a score of 79/100 due to the increase in interest rates offered (up to 14.3%). This is starting to be reflected well in my monthly income generated this month.

In March, Robocash paid me more than €410, which represents a net annual rate of 12.46%.

Robocash passive income

robocash passive income march 2022

Finally, one last novelty: Following the request of investors (including myself), Robocash has introduced the new “Platinum” status. Investors who position €50,000 automatically receive +1.3% to the posted loan rate.

For my part, at almost €35,000, I already get +1%.

So I think the jump to €50,000 is a bit steep to grab +0.3% more.

ad robocash strategy

But thanks anyway !

# Lendermarket

As promised in February, I have injected some cash on Lendermarket to reach €5000 invested. The goal is to generate about €50 each month by letting the platform work for me.

If I don’t invest more, it’s because I would like to position myself on other platforms as well to bring value to my blog.

There is no shortage of good opportunities.

ad lendermarket referral

As I write this on Lendermarket, I see investment proposals at 14% in Finland, 15% in Poland and even 16% in Estonia.

There is something for every investor profile, from those who want to hold on to their cash (30-day investments) to those who want to invest for the long term at high returns (4-year investments).

In march, my passive income from Lendermarket increased again to €21.

The curve therefore shows a nice progression, which is appreciable !

Lendermarket passive income

lendermarket passive income march 2022

# Mintos

On the side of the leader Maximus where nothing moves and nothing goes, I still detected some interesting signs of survival.

Indeed, investments over 12% offered by competent loan originators are back. But strangely, there is little interest in these investments when there are not many of them.

It makes you wonder where the 460,000 investors listed on Mintos have gone. Perhaps they have lost all confidence (like me) ?

This month I received a total of €1 of interest.

Mintos passive income

mintos passive income march 2022

I liked Mintos at the beginning because it was the platform where I learned. But now it has become a gas factory that leaks everywhere.

Thanks but no thanks!

# Swaper

Nothing new about Swaper, which continues its activities without changing anything: 14-16%, cash-drag, useless blog articles…. Their team lives on a cloud far, far away from people.

Speaking of useless blog posts, the latest : Should you manage your finances yourself or hire a professional ?

This is obviously the problem that you and I ask ourselves every morning under the shower before starting the working day….

But sometimes a platform without changes is not a bad thing in this world where you can quickly feel overwhelmed by events.

ad swaper referral

Swaper continues on the same trend of €7M of loans funded each month. This puts it in League 2 of P2P Lending platforms, but at the top of the ranking nonetheless.

I transferred €120 this month and plan to transfer some cash next month in the same amount.

As mentioned last month, this will bring me back to €1000 invested.

For the month of March 2022, Swaper paid me just over €7, which represents an XIRR of 14.84%.

Swaper passive income

swaper passive income march 2022

It is likely that Swaper will keep its rate at 14% (16% from €5000) as many platforms are raising their rates following the war in Ukraine.

As a result, Swaper should really address its recurring cash-drag concerns in order to retain its investors in the long term.

ad swaper strategy

Let’s move on to the last but not least 🙂

# Iuvo Group

My little Iuvo platform is running a bit slow these days, partly due to my ruble investments no longer earning interest (thanks Putin!).

My euro investments are still doing well and generating an average rate of 11.15% per year.

I am keeping my investments as they are and waiting to see what their 2021 annual report will say.

Iuvo ad

My only concern with Iuvo is that their team does not know how to communicate in a simple and accessible way to promote their platform to as many people as possible.

And I find their discussions with investors a bit messy, and sometimes not very pleasant.

But this is unfortunately the case on many platforms. It’s hard to find the rare gem that deploys on all fronts like Rita at PeerBerry.

In any case, Iuvo generated a decent passive income this month with €13 of interest.

Iuvo passive income

iuvo passive income march 2022

I hope you enjoyed this little summary of my P2P Lending investments in march 2022 and that it will help you in your own investment choices (but please note that I am not a financial advisor).

I’m giving you the keys to my career as a private investor so that you can see what I do on a daily basis, but it’s up to each of you to find your own way.

Good luck and strength to you.

Peace !


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