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P2P Lending 06/2022

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Let’s go !

I was expecting a slowdown, a slightly worse June than May, a legitimate slump after the tripled goals achieved the previous month.

But in fact, not at all 😉

The power of compound interest combined with the excellent returns seen on the various platforms (>14%) continually boost my portfolio !

I am now closer to €700 of passive income per month than the €600 initially targeted. My goal being to generate €1000 each month in 2023 passively. 🚀

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Financial freedom is a path that is built step by step through regular, daily actions. It also requires leaving your comfort zone and taking (calculated) risks. ⚡

One does not become a millionaire overnight by the intervention of the Holy Spirit. You have to get moving, get informed, get trained and try to surpass yourself.

Building your assets requires work and regularity, but also a good dose of patience. So there’s no point in sitting in front of your screen waiting for the payments to come in and complaining when they are a little late.

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Late payment is intrinsic to P2P lending and it is quite normal in a lending business. Moreover, investors are paid for each day of delay up to a maximum of 60 days. After that, the buyback guarantee is triggered.

So why stress?

Time spent complaining means less time spent on the slow and energy-consuming building of one’s financial assets.

The energy we spend produces the same type of effects, so we might as well engage in positive actions that are bound to have beneficial consequences in the short, medium or long term.

What’s new ?

In June, I included a new referral program on my blog for the Debitum Network platform, which has an investment brokerage company licence issued by the Latvian Financial and Capital Markets Commission.

This regulated platform, which is known to investors, has a very good reputation. To get access to your free bonuses, this is the place to be.

debitum network referral blog

In June, I also worked on new partnerships to bring you even more offers in the near future.

As soon as these are available, I will send an email to all my newsletter subscribers so that they can benefit first.

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But I will also continue to give value on my Twitter account, which I have been neglecting for the last few weeks due to lack of time.

Indeed, I’ve been focusing on production rather than communication these days, especially with the writing of an e-book still in progress that I’d like to release this month.

On Twitter, due to the lack of quantity, I have tried to produce more qualitative tweets and I think that the investor community appreciates

Welcome to all !

My portfolio for June 2022

As announced last month, I am hardly investing any capital at the moment due to a need for cash for personal activities that are outside the scope of investment.

During the month of June, I generated more than €655, an amount well above what I had anticipated last month.

This seems to confirm that my portfolio is already permanently above €600 per month of income.

As usual, here are my dashboards :

Interest earned in June 2022

total interests june 2022

Evolution of my capital over the last 24 months

dashboard passive income p2p june 2022

Evolution of my income in P2P Lending

total interests passive income p2p june 2022

# PeerBerry

It’s now commonplace for me to see the continued growth of PeerBerry, which added 1051 new investors in June. They joined the 55,000 existing investors to fund €37M of loans in June.

In total, PeerBerry paid us €512,748, which is +4.3% compared to May, another great performance that will delight all its members.

As of mid-2022, the average return on PeerBerry is 12.77% per annum (which includes both short and medium/long term investments).

ad peerberry referral

My positions on the platform are slowly climbing towards €15K with one observation : self-investment is working better and better (PeerBerry favours investors who have invested €5K or more).

I have adjusted my automated portfolio temporarily to reduce the duration of my investments to 15 days instead of 30 as I will need cash by September.

This way I keep a high level of liquidity for my needs on other projects without stopping generating returns in P2P lending.

ad peerberry strategy

Once I have a clearer picture of those projects that are not related to P2P lending, I will set my portfolio back to 30 days for all my investments.

In June, PeerBerry brought me a total of €134, which makes an annualized rate of 12.28%.

PeerBerry passive income

peerberry passive income june 2022

[BREAKING NEWS] : At the time of writing, PeerBerry has funded more investments than Mintos in early July (€8M vs €6M).

# Robocash

The development of Robocash in the world continues and more particularly on the Asian continent. RC Riga Singapore has seen the strongest growth in recent weeks, particularly in Vietnam.

Robocash also has plans to expand its financial products in India and Indonesia and is looking to establish a permanent presence in the Philippines.

The dynamism and professionalism of the group is impressive to follow. This is why I am investing so much in this platform with the objective of reaching €45K of capital soon.

ad robocash referral

But what I also like is the predictability that Robocash gives me. Because every month I know roughly how much I’ll get.

I have absolutely nothing to do on Robocash except reinvest the interest generated each month.

For some time now, my strategy has been established, the adjustments have been made and if I go there regularly it is simply for the pleasure of seeing how much my capital is growing.

ad robocash strategy

The month of June showed some dynamism compared to previous months as the volume of loans rose to €17M.

In June, €542,000 was paid out and 560 more investors joined us, with the trend remaining fairly similar to previous months.

statistics robocash june 2022

It should be noted that large investors above €25K have increased by +7% recently.

For your information, I now regularly publish stats on investors and their portfolios on Twitter : see the latest stats on Robocash here.

This month, Robocash paid me almost €424, which represents an annualised return of 12.54%.

Robocash passive income

robocash passive income june 2022

My strategy on Robocash is now 100% long term since for the short term I allocate my capital to other platforms.

# Lendermarket

The Lendermarket platform has again passed the €10M mark in funded investments during the month of June, placing it among the best in Europe.

The secrets of its success ?

It’s simple : intuitive dashboard, rates that go up to 15%, no cash-drag.

A P2P lending platform gets its strength from the listed lending companies, something Mintos has never understood.

ad lendermarket referral

Lendermarket is at cruising speed as the passive income it generates gradually increases each month.

My only actions are to reinvest the capital and returns the platform pays me regularly, but at more attractive rates than three months ago. These have risen from 12% at the beginning of the year to 15% now.

And I am starting to seriously see the difference after this methodical reallocation.

In June, Lendermarket broke its previous record by generating over €64 to me, a trend that I think will continue.

Lendermarket passive income

lendermarket passive income june 2022

Another beautiful curve that is a pleasure to see !

# Swaper

After several attempts to increase my capital invested in Swaper, I have to admit that I had to backtrack.

The platform found itself unable to digest my €1000 for many weeks. That’s why I went back to €500.

So I decided to hold off despite an interesting month of June during which Swaper had €7.47M of investments funded.

ad swaper referral

In total, Swaper paid us €141,091 as return on investment.

I consider that this platform is definitely not up to the task, whereas other, more recent platforms, such as Esketit and Lendermarket, have already made a good name for themselves in European P2P lending.

For the month of June, Swaper paid me a little over €13, the result of the thousand euros invested some time ago but which will therefore decrease in the coming months.

Swaper passive income

swaper passive income june 2022

I’m thinking of travelling to Northern Europe to meet some of the platforms’ teams and I’d be really curious to see how they are organised at Swaper.

# Mintos

My exit from Mintos accelerated in June as I went from 37 active investments to 23, which is good news. And the process should continue over the next few days until I have divested almost entirely.

However, it should be noted that Mintos, after encouraging investors to invest in standard loans, then switched suddenly to its “Notes”.

Why not, except that Mintos now prohibits investors from reselling their standard loans on the secondary market….

This attitude is unprofessional and shows how little consideration they have for us investors.

This month I received a total of €0.39 in interest.

Mintos passive income

mintos passive income june 2022

Soon the full exit !

# Iuvo Group

This year is one of changes for the Iuvo platform. In May, its Director was fired and in June, the platform announced its move to its native Bulgaria.

It’s a good thing Ivaylo Ivanov has been replaced because in 6 years as the head of the platform, he never managed to make it climb up to the Premier League.

Admittedly, it has enabled Iuvo to gain recognition at European level with 30,000 investors. But both the volumes funded (€270M to date) and the returns obtained (9.2% since the launch) are frankly not up to scratch.

It was therefore time to start again with a new direction, which is now the case with Blagovest Karadjov, who has a more technical profile than his predecessor.

Iuvo ad

In addition, Iuvo, originally Bulgarian but based in Estonia, will soon relocate to Sofia near its main shareholder, the Management Financial Group.

I think this is a way for MFG’s management to regain control of a platform that is still far from having reached their objectives, namely to be in the Top 3 of European P2P lending.

Good luck guys !

In the meantime, Iuvo has paid me an income (up from last month) of over €15, or 10.88% annualised.

Iuvo passive income

iuvo passive income june 2022

# Esketit

I am very pleased with the rapid take-up of my new Esketit platform.

By the second month of activity, it had reached the minimum I ask of every platform, which is to generate 1% per month in passive income.

So there is a good chance that I will further increase my capital invested on this platform by the end of the year.

ad esketit referral

It is a platform and a team in which I have great confidence, as I explain in the analysis I made on my blog.

I would just like Esketit to expand its partnerships with more loan originators in the future, especially in Europe.

This is one of the possible development paths for this platform, without a doubt.

In June, I received just over €4, which is a very good start as I hope to increase this amount in the coming months.

Esketit passive income

esketit passive income june 2022

If you liked my stats, you can let me know over here. It will be greatly appreciated by the author of this blog. 😋

But you can also leave a comment below which I will be happy to answer.

Finally, remember that I am NOT a financial advisor, but simply a private investor sharing his experiences.

Good luck and strength to you.

Peace !


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