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P2P Lending 07/2022 !

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Record breaking !

It seems that my P2P lending portfolio will never cease to amaze me. Indeed, after a very good month of June, a new record has just been surpassed in July.

The one from April 2020 (€681) in the middle of Covid ! 💉

At that time, I had successfully followed Warren Buffett’s maxim :

Be fearful when others are greedy. Be greedy when others are fearful.

At the beginning of Covid, panicked investors were frantically selling on the secondary markets at large discounts.

Meanwhile, others (including me) were buying back at incredible discounts. 🙋🏻‍♂️

shares exchange on the stock market

The tendency to panic can be fought with patience, experience and of course financial education.

When it comes to investment, it is important to develop a certain ability to put the events we face into perspective.

For my part, I acquired it (I think) by travelling for years to the 4 corners of the world. 🧳

From the snowy slopes of the Andes to the sandy Mosque of Timbuktu. From Australia’s azure coastline to the misty landscapes of Himachal Pradesh.

himachal pradesh

These landscapes and the people I met there are some of the best memories of my life.

Travelling allows the investor to open his mind, broaden his vision and break down certain mental barriers.

The investors I meet often remain confined to a limited space : in traditional assets for some (passbooks, life insurance, retirement savings), or a geographical location for others (My Country, My Country, My Country…)

As far as I am concerned, diversification takes place both in terms of the nature of the assets and in terms of geography.

What’s new ?

In July, I became seriously interested in investing in precious metals, and more specifically in gold.

I did a lot of research to understand the role of gold in an investment portfolio, and to find the best intermediary to invest in.

I’ve done that, and now I’m investing in gold with BullionVault, one of the world’s leading gold investment companies. ⛏️


I also worked on my editorial policy in order to offer a little a more general content with other articles planned at the end of August and beginning of September.

In parallel, I am still working on writing the analysis of a new platform as well as on my e-book which is taking much longer than expected.

To stay informed, simply subscribe.

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If the pace is obviously slowed down because of the summer, the holidays and the Margaritas, it’s also because my mind is a bit elsewhere. I have a lot of ideas and projects in progress that require a lot of my time and money.

The preparation for 2023 starts today !

On Twitter, due to the lack of quantity, I have tried to produce more qualitative tweets and I think that the investor community appreciates

Welcome to all !

My portfolio for July 2022

This month, as last month, I have not invested any fresh capital. Only the interest is automatically reinvested.

My savings were used to finance personal expenses on the one hand and to increase my available cash for future projects on the other.

In July, my total passive income from P2P lending climbed to €685, my highest level ever.

This amount is likely to decrease somewhat in August but I think I am structurally and permanently settled above €650 per month.

As usual, here are my dashboards :

Interest earned in July 2022

Total interests earned in July 2022

Evolution of my capital over the last 24 months

Dashboard of my passive income in P2P in July 2022

Evolution of my income in P2P Lending

Total interests earned as passive income in p2p in July 2022

# PeerBerry

In July, after having been the undisputed leader in terms of funded volumes for several years in a row, Mintos went down (I’ve been talking about this for a while now).

To take up the torch : PeerBerry, which beat it by almost €4 million (€38.7M vs. €35.1M).

To date, PeerBerry has raised €1.26 billion in funding on its platform and paid out €14.54M to its member investors.

In July alone, the platform paid us a total of €588,932. No wonder that 1010 new investors have joined us.

ad peerberry referral

My portfolio is still climbing quietly towards €15K but I keep a part of it uninvested on my PeerBerry account for possible future needs.

In addition, the yields offered by PeerBerry decreased due to lower financing needs. This was due to the summer period, as it is every year.

In fact, I anticipate a drop in my returns on the platform for the next few weeks (we will see the trend in October).

peerberry rates july 2022

For my part, I remain committed to the platform despite the drop in rates because, as explained, this is generally a transitory situation due to a drop in demand from loan originators.

Moreover, as I am looking to keep a part of my portfolio very liquid, PeerBerry is the ideal platform for this in the sense that I can even invest my money for a few days (often only ten days or so).

In July, PeerBerry earned me €160, which gives me an annualised rate of 12.35%, slightly up on last month.

PeerBerry passive income

PeerBerry passive income earned in July 2022

On PeerBerry, my ambition is to return to €25K in 2023 and why not €40K the following year.

# Robocash

Robocash founder Sergey Sedov has decided to give the platform full autonomy. To this end, he has appointed COO Natalya Ischenko as CEO and Ivan Adamovich as CFO.

In this way, Sergey Sedov acknowledges that Robocash is strong and mature enough to enter a new phase of international development.

While platforms such as PeerBerry, Mintos and EstateGuru are the marketplaces with the highest volumes funded, it is Robocash that comes out on top when looking at platforms affiliated to a financial group (by nature stronger and more robust).

ad robocash referral

Recently, an investor carried out a liquidity test : selling 10,000 euros on the secondary market (representing about 100 loans).

The full resale of these 10,000 euros of investments took less than 72 hours.

The platform with the little robot has thus proved that, in addition to being healthy, safe, stable, profitable and efficient, it is also very liquid !

ad robocash strategy

It’s hard to get more regular than Robocash: the platform financed €15M in investments this month despite the usual summer slump.

In July, Robocash paid out €574,000 to its 26,000 investors. Soon to be 27,000 since 560 new investors have joined us.

statistics robocash july 2022

In all respects, what I like about Robocash is its metronome regularity. It’s nice to know what’s coming down (the reflex of a former salaried employee 🤷‍♂️).

This month, Robocash paid me almost €436, which is a good passive income performance for the platform and an annualised return of 12.55%.

Robocash passive income

Robocash passive income earned in July 2022

We can see that the curve is stabilising above €430 per month (a good thing !). I think that from now on the curve will be moderately upwards.

# Lendermarket

This is a new record for Lendermarket, which passed the €15M mark in July alone (as much as Robocash).

It also paid out €631,495 to its investors, which represents a significant increase compared to June.

Proof, if any were needed, that this platform is one of the Top 5 in Europe, and that it has a very bright future ahead of it. Great prospects for all those who are part of the adventure.

ad lendermarket referral

I understand that the lack of a secondary market may frighten some investors in the event that they need liquidity.

Except that Lendermarket has a particularity !

When you lend €100 at 15%, you will of course receive interest every month.  But contrary to what you might think, you don’t get €100 at the end of the loan.

On this platform that I particularly appreciate, the capital invested is paid back to us each month according to a schedule specified on the investment form.

So you get capital back every month, which you can immediately reinvest or recoup, as you wish !

In July, Lendermarket broke its previous record by generating more than €69 for me, which is very encouraging.

Lendermarket passive income

Lendermarket passive income earned in July 2022

I’m getting a lot of requests for my strategy on Lendermarket. I’ve been dragging my feet a bit but it should be out soon (patience 😅).

# Swaper

I love looking at Swaper’s blog, which is a good example of what a platform should not do (really not do). It gets weird when you look at the topics.

This platform now only writes about index funds, stocks, cryptos and real estate.

I’ve come to believe that they will diversify in a very short time (or that the Director has a contract with the competition!).”

ad swaper referral

Despite this, Swaper has managed to push the amount of volume financed this month above €8M, their highest score for the last 2 years.

Nice to see !

In July, this historical platform of my portfolio paid out a total of €143,669 to active investors, which is still a good amount for a small platform.

For the month of July, Swaper paid me less than €6, a result of the good month of June and recent withdrawals in favour of other platforms.

Swaper passive income

Swaper passive income earned in July 2022

I wonder how long it will take for them to decide to change the CEO, to get things moving and finally develop the company.

# Mintos

I now only have 14 active investments on Mintos. This will allow me to exit the platform almost completely before long.

Let it Go ! 👸

It’s worth noting that their teams seem to be nervous as they are extending their current promotional offer. Indeed, I think they have reason to be worried about the future.

In July, I received a total of €0.24 in interest.

Mintos passive income

Mintos passive income earned in July 2022

I don’t think I’m wrong in saying that Mintos will have to reduce their staff in the near future.

# Iuvo Group

Despite the arrival of the new CEO of the Iuvo Group in June, I have seen very little change so far.

Normal, you may say !

Except that lately, I have a hard time finding investments above 10%.

It is almost mission impossible.

Iuvo ad

As a result, I have made some withdrawals lately to reallocate the capital to Esketit.

I find that Iuvo has never managed to become fully professional. And like most platforms, its communication with investors is not very good.

For July, Iuvo paid me an income of €10, representing an annualised rate of 10.84%.

Iuvo passive income

Iuvo passive income earned in July 2022

Let’s see what the new CEO will do, but there’s a lot of work ahead and some big challenges to face.

# Esketit

The figures published by Esketit in July show that the platform is making its way into the top tier of European P2P lending.

For the first time since its launch, the volume of investments offered exceeded €10M.

The total volume invested by its members has exceeded €9.3M and Esketit’s 3,300 investors have received exactly €100,000 this month.

ad esketit referral

As for me, a little less earnings in July, which bodes well for August. This is normal since it always takes 3 or 4 months before the earnings curve stabilises.

In addition, I am in the process of reallocating some of my capital from Iuvo to the Creamfinance platform as explained above.

The idea is to reach €1000 in the next few weeks and certainly €5000 by the end of the year, by diversifying a little more geographically.

In July, I received a little less than €4, which is fine with me until the curve stabilises.

Esketit passive income

Esketit passive income earned in July 2022

If you enjoyed these few details about my P2P lending portfolio or if you have any questions, you can leave them in the comments 👇

This is where I respond first rather than by email.

And as a reminder, I am not a financial advisor, but a simple private investor who is happy to share his experience.

Good luck and strength to you.

Peace !


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