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Passive income monthly reporting

A-Team !

In entrepreneurship and investment, one essential factor is knowing how to surround yourself. Only some people understand to what extent this is a crucial element of any structured, sustainable and prosperous development strategy.

Being able to exchange with people with complementary skills is a great gas pedal to increase one’s wealth or reach one’s goals more quickly.

I do not hesitate to take the time necessary to find the person who will meet one of my needs, nor to pay them as much as the value they bring me.

For example, I have a meeting in Bangkok for an hour of discussion this week. I will pay this person €190 (double what I charge for my coaching), but this exchange will significantly advance my projects for the next five years.

A-Team of investors

Because we keep repeating it, many people need help understanding: investment is always built from a long-term perspective.

Investments may fluctuate in the short term, but a well-thought-out and disciplined long-term strategy is the one that has the greatest chance of leading to significant gains. 💰💰💰

A solid investment strategy is built as a coherent whole where each asset, each company, and each partner has a dedicated place. The total must be supervised from a dashboard and objective indicators, leaving emotions aside.

International spatial station (ISS)

Like space, the investment is enormous and full of pitfalls, but it is also an area where great things are possible for those who give themselves the means.

Hang on. We’re taking off! 🚀

What’s new ?

Finally, a new article on my blog! And yet, there is no lack of ideas and even less desire to write them. I have five projects under my belt….

Remember that I am not an investment blogger but a simple entrepreneur who invests and documents his journey.

That’s why it’s always a small event for me to write a new article or analysis. And this month, it’s the interview with Lendermarket’s boss, Endrik Eller.

Endrik Eller, interview for Just-P2P

I will do my best soon because articles are being written, but I’m spreading myself too thin. So, I’m thinking of writing “runs,” focusing on one piece at a time.

If you wish to receive an alert when I publish new content (which is not very often I must admit), you may either join my newsletter or my twitter account. 🥳

My portfolio for January 2023

I’m getting close to the €70K mark, which will be passed next month (in fact, it already is…), allowing me to get €700 / month consistently quickly.

Although I have some diversification ideas in the works (which I will communicate about), I have a profound desire to tease the €80K quickly…. 💸

This month, I made a charming figure, almost €691, so much better than the last month.

As usual, here are my dashboards :

Interest earned in January 2023

Evolution of my capital over the last 30 months

Evolution of my income in P2P Lending

# PeerBerry

I recently boosted my portfolio on PeerBerry since that’s my main focus regarding crowdlending financial investments.

I want to reach €25K and take advantage of a bonus rate of +0.75% on all my investments. 💰

Next, I think of stalling the fresh capital injections and letting the ~€250 of interest generated monthly feed my account or redirect it to other assets.

ad peerberry referral

In January, I noticed a fundamental point that differentiates this quality platform from other platforms, most of which still need to understand that communication is the basis of everything !

Despite investments affected by Ukraine’s conflict, communicating regularly and paying back a part each month gives confidence to investors: 1495 registered in January.

During this first month of the year, we financed €52.44M and received €734,689 of interest, of which €104 for me.

PeerBerry passive income (€)

And this success obviously has side effects…

I find it incredible to hear investors complain that AI is not working. Yes, it works very well, but the value of available capital exceeds the supply of investments.

# Robocash

The Robocash platform has just celebrated its 6th year of activity and now has half a billion investments, 28,000 investors, and more than 10 million euros in interest payments.

Under these conditions, the fact that Robocash is lowering the rates of return paid to investors is not surprising (now between 10% and 12%).

This is perfectly normal (even if it doesn’t feel good), and above all, it shows a company that adapts its strategy according to market conditions and its economic environment.

ad robocash referral

In January, Robocash got off to a fast start with performance indicators that will make many European competitors jealous. 🚀

A total of 19 million euros were invested on the platform in January, and 758,000 euros in interest were paid out to investors with invested capital.

On the other hand, 884 new investors have signed up, so it’s not surprising that under these conditions, Robocash has lowered its rates a bit, given its attractiveness.

Robocash statistics January 2022

Although the rates have decreased, I remain on a comfortable annualized rate of 13% which will be effective on my following investments.

In the meantime, my capital already invested at two to three years continues to work at 14% since all current contracts do not vary in rate. 💸

In January, Robocash brought me a respectable amount of almost €477, which I hope to increase to over €500 very soon.

Robocash passive income (€)

Still one of my best platforms so far !

# Esketit

Not much to say about Esketit, where everything is going pretty well for me (with almost €5K invested) except for an occasional cash-drag.

However, when a platform is successful with investors, it is expected to adjust its criteria for financial investments.

This is the case with Esketit, which will lower its yields from 14% in Jordan to 12%, which I find quick (announced on 2/15 for 2/23). 🤔

ad esketit referral

Of course, all the serious investors are on Esketit, and the volumes financed (€18.41M in January) allow the internal machine to work, but Esketit is a little less attractive. 🇯🇴

In the absence of an actual loyalty program and offering a return at the same level in Jordan as in European countries, Esketit takes an unexpected direction.

I used to invest in Esketit for its seriousness and returns, but I now only support its seriousness since 12% is the average of what is offered elsewhere.

In January, Esketit paid me more than €36 in profits, a constant rate of 14.91%, which should decrease in the coming weeks.

Esketit passive income (€)

For those who understand a little English, check out this video of an interview with the two founders of Esketit.

# Lendermarket

A few months ago, many investors were crying wolf on Robocash (because of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict) without anything happening. Today, it’s Lendermarket’s turn to take the light (because of Creditstar’s liquidity tensions).

Human beings, particularly investors, always need a scapegoat, an outlet, a punching bag to transfer their emotions.

I understand that the bride may seem too beautiful for some, with returns of 17% or even 18% per year. However, this is already what Mintos proposed a few years ago….

Interest rates on Lendermarket as of February 2023

As some investor nicely said in the comments, people must learn to zoom out. It means taking a step back, analyze indicators, put a situation in context, and identify the next milestones to watch closely. 🏁

For my part, I follow the evolution of the payment schedule with Mintos, and I check the bond repayment made in December every week.

And in concrete terms, everything is proceeding normally. Of course, we would all like it to happen in a flash, but as an entrepreneur, I know how long it takes to implement a strategy from an operational point of view.

ad lendermarket referral

The only criticism I can make of Lendermarket is that finding loans in Northern Europe at 15% for six months to a year or two is more complicated.

This results in a bit of cash-drag as I prefer to stick to my self-investment strategies as much as possible rather than changing my criteria every four mornings.

And for January, I was delighted with the passive income generated by Lendermarket, which reached €66 for €5000 invested.

Lendermarket passive income (€)

In the longer term, I am waiting for Lendermarket’s annual report, which will allow us to verify the viability of its economic model and the operationality of its business management.

# Swaper

As John “Hannibal” Smith rightly said: I love it when a plan goes off without a hitch. And when you have a plan, you must stick to it (or have an excellent reason to deviate).

That’s why I will take my time with Swaper’s offer to get the 16% before the end of February. Otherwise, you’ll have to invest a minimum of €25K.

Sure, I had the goal of reaching €5K on Swaper by the end of 2023, but my priority, for now, remains to reach €25K on PeerBerry. 💰

ad swaper referral

It does seem that the cash-drag has disappeared on Swaper, main thanks to a nice increase in the investments offered on the platform.

In January, €9.2M was funded on Swaper, its highest all-time level.

Swaper is now back in the €8-9M per month range, the level it was at before the arrival of Covid.

Such an excellent performance !

In January, Swaper paid me a little less than €4, so February should be a little better a priori.

Swaper passive income (€)

One last word on the fact that you get a +2% bonus when you pass the €25K mark (instead of €5K until now):

Why do platforms make such drastic decisions all at once ?

It was a bit all or nothing when it made much more sense and economically attractive for everyone to propose intermediate steps. For example, +0.5% at €5K, 1+% at €15K, etc…

# Mintos

Little evolution on the side of Mintos, where, as of last month, I still have 4 active investments (Creditstar, IDF Eurasia).

From now on, the interest generated should decrease rapidly. And in any case, I will never again invest on this platform, which is evolving in a way that I do not appreciate as an investor.

In October, I received a total of €0.31 of interest, which is a level that marks the beginning of the decrease towards 0, Hallelujah.

Not surprisingly, Mintos wanted to invest quickly in the French market at the beginning of 2023, given the volume of loans to be financed that are currently transiting on its platform.

Mintos has been growing steadily since July 2022, with a total investment volume of €75.6M for January alone.

If you wish to invest at least €1000 with Mintos, you will receive :

  • An immediate cashback of €50,
  • 1% cashback on your first 90 days of investments.

To benefit from it, here is the registration link.

Valid until March 31st only.

In January, I received a mini amount of €0,25 of interest.

Mintos passive income (€)

Curious to see how the year 2023 will unfold for this behemoth.

# Iuvo Group

I have just withdrawn €126 from the Iuvo platform, as I no longer wish to reinvest my earnings with them (money immediately transferred to PeerBerry).

I’m curious about what these people do with their days since no changes have been proposed for months.

My goal is to withdraw from Iuvo, a platform with little interest from the point of view of passive income generation, given the complexity of portfolio tracking and investors’ need for more understanding regarding their promotional offers.

In January, the interest generated is obviously in net decrease with an amount received of a little more than €3.

Iuvo passive income (€)

You know the drill: if you have any comments or questions, this is the place to be 👇 with the need to be constructive and polite (we’re not savages!).

Small reminder : I am not and will never be a financial advisor since I am a simple private investor who only tells his journey in the unforgiving investment world.

Good luck and strength to you.

Peace !


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