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P2P Lending 02/2022

Silvere p2p

First level !

After a slow January, February marks an important step in my investment journey. I just passed the €50,000 mark in P2P Lending assets, which puts me halfway to my final goal.

On the way to €100K !

The calculation is simple : €100,000 invested at 12% per year will generate €1,000 per month.

That’s quite an additional income that can be spent or reinvested.

For my part, I will rely on the principle of compound interest by reinvesting them in my platforms. Thus, they will generate interest, which will increase both my capital and the interest of the following months.

compound interest principle

As an investor, my goal is to reach the €100K mark in 2023, helped by my entrepreneurial income, the main driver of my capital increase.

Being an entrepreneur is exhilarating and liberating because you don’t have to take orders from anyone, especially not from a little chief. It is the best feeling because it makes you smile every morning when you wake up.

What’s new ?

On my side, not much, since I’m working on a project that is taking all my time at the moment. So, I’m putting aside the writing of new articles to work on my P2P ranking where two new platforms will arrive soon.

On the other hand, in the world, we now have a war on the borders of Europe. I propose to avoid the pathos – we all agree that war is bad – to analyze its impact on P2P Lending.

impact war ukraine on crowdlending

And on several others, crazy rates appeared like 13.5% returns on PeerBerry (Kazakhstan, Vietnam) still available at the time of writing.

Also stratospheric rates on Lendermarket : 13% in Finland, 14% in Denmark, 15% in Sweden, the Czech Republic, Spain and Poland, and finally 16% in Estonia.

I might as well tell you that all these loans are already gone !

lendermarket platform post

In return for producing less on the blog for the next few weeks, I will try to be more present on Twitter (where my logo has taken the colors of Ukraine).

On this network, I’ll share more information about my investments in real time and about the opportunities offered by the P2P Lending world.

Don’t hesitate to come and have a look !

My portfolio for February 2022

This month, I funded two of my favorite platforms to the tune of €2,800.

On Robocash, in particular two-year loans with a rate of 13.3%. Having such a guaranteed medium-term rate greatly consolidates my monthly passive income.

On Lendermarket of course, which is going to take an important place in my portfolio. For the most part, loans at 12% over 18 months in Denmark and Sweden.

In the month of February, I generated €423, which is more or less the goal I had set (€425).

Now, my portfolio is constantly generating more than €400 each month. The goal is to reach €500 by next June.

As usual, here are my dashboards :

total interests february 2022

Interest earned in February 2022

Evolution of my capital over the last 18 months

dashboard passive income p2p february 2022

Evolution of my income in P2P Lending

total interests passive income p2p february 2022

# PeerBerry

At the end of February, Putin declared war, and both Russia and Ukraine are present in the investments offered on PeerBerry.

Of course, PeerBerry has stopped lending from these two countries altogether and their partners are now using their reserves in Europe to maintain the flow of payments.

Anyway, these events are a very good test to see how PeerBerry will manage this situation in order to keep a 0% default rate.

ad peerberry referral

For more information, you can follow the ongoing processes, actions taken and upcoming initiatives in this PeerBerry article.

For my part, I have very little exposure to Russia (6%) and absolutely no exposure to Ukraine.

This is the whole point of having a well-established strategy and making it evolve over time according to the changes observed.

ad peerberry strategy

Of course, I remain faithful to PeerBerry, which has my full confidence, but I am gradually reorienting my investments in order to take advantage of the very good rates recently offered.

For February, PeerBerry earned me €66, which is an annual rate of 11.98%.

This represents €1,800 of earnings since I started on the platform.

PeerBerry passive income

peerberry passive income february 2022

The fact that PeerBerry is responding professionally is a very good thing. But that won’t stop me from being vigilant in the weeks to come.

# Robocash

I think that Robocash has now reached its cruising speed, which I estimate being between €300 and €350 per month. In fact, it is one of the pillars, I should say THE pillar of my asset portfolio.

The Russia/Ukraine war had no impact on Robocash since all the financial flows we are interested in transit through Europe and Asia.

The only impact is that Robocash decided not to lower its rates on March 1, which is positive for investors.

ad robocash referral

The volume of loans financed remains in the same order of magnitude as usual at €15 million. As well as the interest paid to investors, which remains at January’s level.

Robocash has paid out €423,000 this month to its members, that’s just over €15,000 every day.

I don’t know if it is the war effect but the number of new investors has slowed down (-30%). They certainly prefer to keep their money warm in their saving account at 1% per year (knowing that inflation is at 7%).

statististics robocash february 2022

I continue to invest on Robocash since I transferred €1,5K this month. But from now on, I’m investing more in the long term on rates at 13% and more.

In February, Robocash paid me nearly €322, which is a net annual rate of 11.87%te of 12.46%.

Robocash passive income

robocash passive income february 2022

I hope to reach €40,000 invested on this platform, which is the average level of other “Diamond” investors like me.

My investment strategy is available for those who want it.

ad robocash strategy

# Mintos

Mintos is still not accessible for the French, Mintos still has not implemented its new financial instrument, Mintos communicates minimally on the impact of the war in Ukraine, Mintos……Mintos…….Mintos ……..

If it were up to me, I would take out my €3K invested on this platform which is badly managed from A to Z.

I just want to stop posting the results of this platform which does not deserve all the communication that surrounds it.

This month, I still received less than €2 in interest.

Mintos passive income

mintos passive income february 2022

Mintos is a platform that I would not advise anyone I know to invest in. There are so many other platforms that are better.

# Swaper

The good news is of course that Swaper has no connection with Russia or Ukraine. And it is not for lack of trying. Indeed, Iveta Bruvele had tried to position Swaper in Russia when she was CEO.

Just like how some failures in life can turn into opportunities with time.

To date, Swaper only offers investments in Poland and Spain. Therefore, its preferred markets have no connection with what is currently happening in Ukraine.

ad swaper referral

In addition, loans financed on the platform in February remain at a fair level, at €6.84 million.

Since its launch, Swaper has paid out €4.33 million to its investors, a relatively large amount due to its high returns of 14% and 16%.

This is the trademark of Swaper.

And contrary to what I thought, despite the slowdown of the pandemic, they have not backpedaled on these returns. Very nice, I must say !

Meanwhile, Swaper generated just under €7 this month, giving it an XIRR of 14.89%.

Swaper passive income

swaper passive income february 2022

I intend to increase my assets on Swaper, which deserves it. I plan to pass the €1,000 invested level soon, and even more in the future.

I hope to reach the threshold of €5,000 invested by 2023 in order to benefit from the +2% bonus on all my investments.

ad swaper strategy

# Iuvo Group

Everything is working very well on the euro investment side on the Iuvo platform which automatically reinvests my weekly income.

The rate is not extraordinary but it remains appreciable since it is 11.03%.

The platform works on its own without me having to intervene and generates income in a totally passive way. A real pleasure.

pub iuvo

On the other hand, payments in rubles for my few Russian investments, via Kviku, have stopped. I was expecting this, of course, given the situation, but it doesn’t worry me that much.

Not only do I trust Kviku as a professional and reputable company, but the rates between 16% and 18% allow me to be patient.

In any case, Iuvo has kept its promises in February with almost €23 generated.

Iuvo passive income

iuvo passive income february 2022

As I write this, it seems that real discussions have started between Russia and Ukraine.

Fingers crossed !

# Lendermarket

Slowly, Lendermarket is growing in my asset portfolio. In February, I increased my investments to €2K.

I plan to reach €5,000 in March and then let the platform work quietly on its own.

ad lendermarket referral

I have noticed a general delay in repayments, which may frustrate some investors. But this is completely normal given the sector in which we invest.

It is simply a matter of being patient, especially since we are paid for the days we are late. Investing is not a sprint but a long-distance race.

In February, I’ve seen an interesting increase since Lendermarket has reached almost €4 of return. So the progression continues.

As long as the curve keeps this slope, I’m fine with it !

Lendermarket passive income

lendermarket passive income february 2022

I hope my monthly statistics will be useful to you but of course I am not a financial advisor.

I describe my background as a private investor to give an overview of what I do, but then it’s up to each individual to make their own decisions.

Good luck and strength to you.

Peace !


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