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When I started Just-P2P, I wanted it to be something other than a blog dedicated to crowdlending. I intended (already) to address the different asset classes that interested me and on which I intended to position myself as an investor.

But the creation of the blog, on the one hand, and my growing interest in crowdlending, on the other hand, ended up monopolizing my time and energy. So now I’m expected to do what 99% of bloggers do : multiply the number of platforms.

No interest. šŸ¤”

Being an investor means diversifying, and that’s what I plan to do this year !

My goal is to share as much as possible with the community transparently. This also means providing feedback and tools so everyone can trace their path toward passive income generation and financial independence.

Just-P2P in a light city from cyberspace

My goal is clear : to reach a wealth of half a million euros (500K) within five years, which will be based on five asset classes.

Objective 5-5-5 !

  • 5 x 100K
  • 5 years
  • 5 asset classes

Why do you want to do this?

For the beauty of the sport, to try what seems unattainable, to prove to myself that I can do it, to show that even a little guy from the suburbs of Paris can, with hard work and perseverance, succeed in his (financial) life. šŸ’¶

But it’s also for this beautiful house by the sea that I have in mind so that I won’t have to look at the expense when I am past a certain age, and my family will be safe when I’m not there anymore.

Investor's house on the beach

Without a doubt, becoming a millionaire today is a much easier goal than it was a few years ago when the only option was to start a brick-and-mortar business. šŸŖ

Today, there are a lot of online businesses that you can start quickly and easily, some of which you don’t even know to exist.

Many start very young, test, waffle, try again, etc… until the day it takes (and sometimes it climbs very fast). šŸ”

But all of this is still very fragile : the robotization of tasks, the democratization of AI (ChatGPT, generated fake faces, etc.), and voice recognition are going to disrupt a very large number of business models established years ago.

Hang on, it’s going to shake !

My portfolio for December 2022

Of course, by playing with my cash, some of my money didn’t bring me anything this month, and that’s quite normal (but it’s a bit sad). šŸ˜„

Indeed, I made three times less interest in PeerBerry compared to November.

So it’s a short month where I earned “only” ā‚¬606, the lowest since last April, but this result should quickly go up in January a priori.

I’m pushing to pass the ā‚¬700 mark in the first quarter.

As usual, here are my dashboards :

Interest earned in December 2022

Total interests earned in December 2022

Evolution of my capital over the last 30 months

Dashboard of my passive income in P2P in December 2022

Evolution of my income in P2P Lending

Total interests earned as passive income in p2p in December 2022

# PeerBerry

2022 marks a significant turning point for PeerBerry by definitively positioning it as a leading platform on a European level.

Last year, PeerBerry helped finance ā‚¬537M in crowdlending investments, surpassing the 1.5 billion investment mark since its launch in 2017 (5 years already !). šŸ’°

This year, 14,524 new investors joined us, allowing PeerBerry to end the year with 63,471 registered investors.

ad peerberry referral

In addition, this high-quality platform continues its development with six new companies integrated in 2022 : Credit7 (Romania), LendPlus (Kenya), DongPlus (Vietnam), CashXpress (Philippines), A Credit (Kazakhstan), and CayDen (Vietnam).

They also have a second platform planned that I hope to tell you about soon. It is about long-term real estate investments.

In the meantime, PeerBerry has paid me the sum of ā‚¬54, which is an annualized rate of 12.13% (down since I played with my cash in November).

PeerBerry passive income (ā‚¬)

PeerBerry passive income earned in December 2022

PeerBerry is expected to pass the 2 billion investment mark in 2023, which is impressive and encouraging for the beginning of this 6th year.

# Robocash

Robocash Group has recently released some financial statistics related to the subsidiaries we work with as investors.

For example, RC Riga Kazakhstan has increased its initial projection for 2022 by 2.5 times and its loan volume by 60% compared to 2021.

In RC Riga Singapore, financed volumes have increased by 53% compared to 2021, and new financial products will soon be launched in Africa and Latin America.

ad robocash referral

All the subsidiaries we invest in via Robocash have shown favorable growth rates over the past year.

It is, therefore, expected that the platform will end 2022 on a high note with figures whose regularity commands the respect of investors, all of whom are unanimous about its quality and professionalism.

While overall, the monthly volume invested and the number of new investors remained stable, the interest payments we received for December reached a new record with ā‚¬781K.

Robocash statistics December 2022

On my side, everything is going well with an ambitious goal of ā‚¬50.000 (Platinum status) to get a +1.3% bonus (I am at +1% with the Diamond status for the moment).

I expect to reach this goal before the end of the first semester. After that, I will let the platform generate ā‚¬500+ monthly, which I will withdraw to invest in other assets. šŸ’ø

In December, Robocash paid me a little over ā‚¬473, an annualized rate now reaching 12.81%.

Robocash passive income (ā‚¬)

Robocash passive income earned in December 2022

Remember that you benefit from my complete investment strategy when you subscribe via my referral link. Beyond that, you can also ask me any questions you want to refine your understanding of the platform.

# Lendermarket

Whether it’s Mintos, Esketit, or Robocash, many European crowdlending platforms are looking to exploit the booming South American market.

From this point of view, Lendermarket is one step ahead since the platform has just integrated a lending company located in Peru : Crediface.

An experienced company since it was founded in 2016, Crediface offers to invest at an annual rate of 16% on loans with a buyback guarantee. Moreover, Crediface has 10% skin in the game on each investment.

ad lendermarket referral

We can see that Lendermarket continues its diversification strategy by integrating this new operator alongside Credory, QuickCheck, and of course, the Creditstar group.

It is very nice to see how dynamic Lendermarket is and how it is working on its development continuously. šŸš€

In December, Lendermarket underperformed with an annualized return of 14.18% and a slightly lower payout at ā‚¬45.

Lendermarket passive income (ā‚¬)

Lendermarket passive income earned in November 2022

Subscribers to my newsletter know this, but I will soon be interviewing the CEO of Lendermarket to answer a dozen strategic questions for investors.

# Esketit

The month of December was the opportunity to review the past year for the Esketit team, and the least we can say is that its growth is one of the most impressive.

Esketit is now clearly playing at the top of the European league as in 2022, more than ā‚¬126M of investments have passed through the platform, an average of ā‚¬10.5M each month. šŸš€

In addition, the platform has registered 6149 new investors during the year, or about 500 per month. In December alone, we received ā‚¬285 804 (more than ā‚¬2,51M since its start).

ad esketit referral

From now on, new investments appear with medium-term loans (6 or 12 months) in Jordan, and short-term loans have already been proposed for quite some time at 14%. šŸ‡ÆšŸ‡“

However, these new investments in Jordan will be offered at an annual rate of only 12%.

As I mentioned in my last report, given the competition on Jordanian loans at 14%, I had already anticipated moving to longer investment terms.

My capital on Esketit is intended to stay the same as on PeerBerry, which is my bank account. On Esketit, I let my money grow.

In December, the interest that Esketit generated for me is still increasing with a constant rate of 14.91% and more than ā‚¬36 received.

Esketit passive income (ā‚¬)

Esketit passive income earned in December 2022

I see many investors diversifying into Esketit because of its strength and the rates offered, which can cause a bit of cash drag.

So don’t hesitate to invest for the longer term !

# Swaper

The feedback from other investors on Swaper is good these days. Not least because of the disappearance of the cash drag following the increase in loan volumes and the introduction of a new company : One Leasing.

Overall, 2022 has been an exciting year for Swaper, which listed 311,020 loans during the year and paid out ā‚¬1.42M to its members (a total of ā‚¬5.53M since its launch). šŸ’°

Moreover, 2000 investors joined the platform in 2022, thus highlighting that more than a high return is needed to attract new members (communication is also a key factor).

ad swaper referral

December has been relatively good and growing for Swaper, which has funded ā‚¬8.54M of investments at the end of the year.

At the same time, all of us investors were paid ā‚¬133,713 in interest for the capital we lent in December.

On my side, I received a little more than ā‚¬9 this month, which is a catch-up from the previous two months.

Swaper passive income (ā‚¬)

Swaper passive income earned in December 2022

I intend to increase my position on Swaper during January by adding a few hundred euros and thus consolidate my position above ā‚¬1000.

# Mintos

The Mintos platform, NĀ°1 in Europe in terms of volumes financed, has been back in France for a few weeks only.

Now licensed, the French administration lets this crowdlending behemoth offer its investments to the French (it was about time !).

By the way, Mintos offers welcome bonuses to all new subscribers who visit my blog.

If you invest at least ā‚¬1000, you will receive the following :

  • An immediate cash-back of ā‚¬50,
  • A 1% cash-back on your first 90 days of investments.

To benefit from this, here is the registration link.

Valid until February 28th only.

I disengage while still having funds on this platform, but I can understand that some investors prefer to follow the giant of the sector.

In December, I received a wonderful ā‚¬0,02 of interest.

Mintos passive income (ā‚¬)

Mintos passive income earned in December 2022

Let’s see how 2023 will go for Mintos.

# Iuvo Group

After three years of investing in the Iuvo platform, I stopped reinvesting my earnings and withdrew my capital twice a month (beyond that, it’s not free).

After eight months of waiting for a visible change in their management, nothing has happened so far…

No change on their web interface, in the diversity of the companies present, on the level of the proposed returns, in the communication with the investors (what about Russia?), etc etc etc

Nothing !

Another platform that understands absolutely nothing about the investment world is based on trust. šŸ¤

Instead, they try to sell us IuvoSave at 5% for three months when I’m at 12% on PeerBerry with even more liquidity.

It’s a wonder who’s running the store.

In December, the interest generated remained at about the same level as the last two months, i.e., about ā‚¬6 of return.

Iuvo passive income (ā‚¬)

Iuvo Mintos passive income earned in December 2022

As usual, post your comments below or questions, and I’ll answer them (not by email, please it has to benefit everyone). šŸ‘‡

Remember : I am not a financial advisor but only a private investor who traces his journey in the investment world.

Good luck and strength to you.

Peace !


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