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P2P Lending 04/2022

Silvere p2p

It’s confirmed !

I was uncertain in March that I had permanently passed the €500 monthly income mark in P2P lending.

But this symbolic level seems to be confirmed in April (after the €50K of assets in February).

Very happy to have passed this threshold !

I keep the (ambitious) goal of reaching €100K in the first quarter of 2023. But I also want to have more cash to invest in my other assets.

Diversification is an important parameter in an investor’s life, especially towards non-correlated assets 😉

nomad investor in the hoods

The next two levels I am aiming for are on the one hand a total invested capital of €60K and on the other hand a fully passive income of €600 / month.

To this end, I plan to open two more platforms by the summer in order to diversify my P2P lending assets and bring their number to 8 in total.

Then to take it easy for two months in the sun 🌞

investor on holidays on the beach

With my digital entrepreneurial activity slowing down a bit during this time of year, I’m going to take the opportunity to write more content for the blog.

I also intend to offer you more bonuses on the different platforms. It is already done with the Afranga platform and another one should follow the publication of these statistics.

My goal is to offer quality content that is also visually pleasing.

I’m having a blast making the bonus thumbnails !

What’s new ?

In April, I mainly drew the outlines of the blog’s development axes for the months to come.

First of all, it’s about improving the frequency and quantity of emails to those who signed up for my Weekend mailing list.

newsletter just p2p post

I have laid out the two main principles :

1/ Extended frequency : sending every weekend and as far as possible Saturday and Sunday, but in short formats and as educational as possible.

2/ Quality content : I would like to develop the education and awareness part of investing. And explain why it is important, whatever our future plans (freedom, passive income, retirement, real estate project, etc.).

As for the content of the blog, as I said above, I would like to offer more.

My goal is to create a reference blog on European P2P lending.

But to do this, I need to increase both the number of analyses offered (important for legitimacy) and the bonuses offered (important for investors).

This is why I am currently finalising the analysis of Esketit, a platform for which my investment account is being opened (more info next month).

Esketit referral with female investor for a post

And of course, I continue to give maximum value on Twitter.

Welcome to all !

My portfolio for April 2022

This month I have been feeding three of my main platforms.

In particular PeerBerry where I transferred €2600, which I invested at 13.5% in Vietnam and 14% in Kazakhstan. Later on, I’ll explain why I am strengthening PeerBerry.

peerberry referral post

And of course Robocash where I made a small contribution of €650, as well as Swaper, with €150 paid into my capital.

In the month of April, I generated over €537, consolidating my goal of over €500 each month.

As usual, here are my dashboards :

Interest earned in April 2022

total interests april 2022

Evolution of my capital over the last 18 months

dashboard passive income p2p april 2022

Evolution of my income in P2P Lending

total interests passive income p2p april 2022

# PeerBerry

In the opinion of all the investors I know, PeerBerry is handling the Russo-Ukrainian situation best. The plan of action is professional and the communication absolutely perfect.

PeerBerry is the only platform where part of the investments in Russia (11.17%) and Ukraine (44.08%) have already been repaid. This is in contrast to Mintos and Iuvo, where things are not progressing so quickly.

peerberry repayments on war affected loans april 2022

The Aventus and Gofingo groups have also done very well by offering more loans in Poland, Vietnam, Romania and Kazakhstan.

The base rates currently vary between 12% and 13.5% with durations ranging from a few days to several months.

ad peerberry referral

I have decided to strengthen my position in PeerBerry because of its very good liquidity.

Indeed, I will have cash needs around September.

Placing my assets on this platform means knowing that they can be available almost as quickly as in a bank (except that the bank does not pay 13%…).

So what I put on PeerBerry these days will most likely be withdrawn from my bank account at the end of the summer, but in the meantime this capital will have generated interest.

ad peerberry strategy

This month I was spoiled.

In April, PeerBerry generated nearly €121 for me, an annualised rate of 12.10%.

PeerBerry passive income

peerberry passive income april 2022

I can only be satisfied with this platform which has a strategic place in my P2P lending portfolio.

# Robocash

The Robocash platform is my safe, the place where I secure my investments, where I know my capital will invariably grow and prosper.

Moreover, the Robocash group published its 2021 results a few days ago. And all the indicators are green :

  • €325.3M in turnover (+150%)
  • €29.5M in profits (+24%)
  • €66.8M in equity (+52%)
  • €177.1M in assets (+87%)
financial report robocash group period 2017 2021

I am not surprised by these results given the consistent statistics posted each month by their P2P lending platform, where (moreover!) only a small part of their global financial flows pass through.

In April, Robocash financed €15M in new loans and paid €469,000 in interest to its members. In addition, 580 new investors have joined us.

We are now more than 25,000 active investors !

statistics robocash april 2022

Like PeerBerry, Robocash has really above-average communication, especially on Twitter. And I have a good relationship with their staff, who have always been responsive and professional.

For big budget investors, it really is the ideal platform. It ticks all the boxes that are important to me.

ad robocash referral

I had a decent month in April as I generated just under €343 on Robocash. A month that fits in with the trend of the last few weeks. 🤑

Robocash passive income

robocash passive income april 2022

I am regularly asked by email about my investment strategy on Robocash. Apart from the fact that it is offered to all my referrals, it is also available here. 👇

ad robocash strategy

And of course I answer questions if needed.

# Lendermarket

I am increasingly satisfied with Lendermarket, which is growing in terms of performance. Lendermarket is my mini-safe with €5000 invested so far.

At the moment, I am gradually replacing investments in Spain and Poland and redirecting them to northern European countries with rates of 15% or 16%.

ad lendermarket referral

It is a platform that is in my top 3 in Europe and most of the established investors are already positioned on it.

For first-time investors, Lendermarket has a current offer of 2% cashback, which corresponds to paying 3 months of interest after 30 days.

Much appreciated !

lendermarket bonus special may 2022 post

Lendermarket has made further good progress and is now at cruising speed. It should now stabilise at this level of performance next month.

In April, I generated around €55 in passive income on Lendermarket.

Lendermarket passive income

lendermarket passive income p2p lending april 2022

# Swaper

I wanted to invest more on the Swaper platform which I appreciate for its simplicity, liquidity and particularly interesting rates.

I now have €1000 invested with a much higher target by the end of the year.

ad swaper referral

I will review the situation next month to see if I have any cash-drag or if the €7M of investments listed each month on this platform is enough to absorb the capital of the 5000 active investors.

For the month of April 2022, Swaper paid me just under €5.

Swaper passive income

swaper passive income p2p lending april 2022

I recently contacted their teams again to find out when they would be able to integrate new lending companies.

Limiting themselves to Spain and Poland is not sustainable if they want to keep their business going. At the same time, most other platforms are growing.

ad swaper strategy

I will be following this closely as it is all the more annoying that with a 14-16% return, Swaper is now simply average for other European platforms.

# Mintos

I no longer have much capital working on Mintos, hence the low returns generated.

Most experienced investors are heavily disengaging from the platform, which is no longer of any interest given the competition now a notch above the former leader.

This month I received less than €2 in interest.

Mintos passive income

mintos passive income april 2022

I liked Mintos when I started out because I learned from it. But nowadays, we don’t understand anything about its interface.

Mintos is over for me !

# Iuvo Group

The Iuvo platform is still running smoothly for my euro investments, which are automatically reinvested as soon as they reach maturity.

It’s very nice not to have any cash-drag to see !

Iuvo ad

On the other hand, the €700 I invested in Russia is no longer producing any return. But the company in charge of this investment on Iuvo, the well-known and recognized Kviku, is very professional.

Steps are well underway to allow for the conversion of rubles to euros in the near future and thus facilitate their repatriation.

This experience has taught me that there are not necessarily only issues directly related to the exchange rate in non-euro investments. But that war can also be problematic and have an impact.

In any case, Iuvo has generated an acceptable passive income this month with more than €13 of interest.

Iuvo passive income

iuvo passive income april 2022

I hope these (slightly late!) statistics will be useful to you in forming or deconstructing ? your opinion on P2P lending.

All this takes me time every month but I still think it is useful for other investors as well as for me to keep track of all my decisions over time.

Be careful though, because, once again, I am not a financial advisor.

It is up to you to make your own decisions, as I am only sharing my daily life as a private investor.

Good luck and strength to you.

Peace !


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