Debitum Network Referral

Motivated by the prospect of generating passive income from your savings ?

The Debitum Network platform is relatively well known in the crowdlending world since it offers two interesting features : it is regulated and it offers its interface in French (nice for non-English speakers).

Debitum Network is a small and stable platform that can be interesting for investors looking to diversify the location of their crowdlending assets.

The returns offered on Debitum are in the average of the market, around 12%. This is still equivalent to earning the most basic annual savings account rate every month !

Debitum Network Bonus #1

Debitum Network offers €20 to all investors who sign up for the first time on their platform via my referral link.

Only condition : invest €1000 in assets for at least 3 months. This is normal in order to avoid abuse.

This bonus is always good to take knowing that investing on a new platform like Debitum Network allows you to diversify your crowdlending assets a bit more.

Debitum Network Bonus #2

In addition to the €20 offered by Debitum Network, you will receive the book I wrote when I launched my blog.

I explain my career path from my position as Head of European Affairs in the heart of old Paris, then as Import-Export Director on Reunion Island, located in the Indian Ocean, and finally as a digital entrepreneur in Thailand.

hack your life now

This book, which is 88 pages long, explains how I left a nice life that I saw as a golden prison, to create the life I had always dreamed of while being financially independent.

To receive your bonuses, just register on Debitum Network and send me your email via the form above.

After checking, I will immediately send you my book “Hack Your Life”.

It couldn’t be easier !

If you have any questions, please contact me.